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The Australian Election...

Right, so there’s a lot of talk about what happens next with regards to the Australian parliament.

Current official numbers from the Australian Electoral Commission (5:30pm, Monday the 4th) are:

  • Coalition: 64 likely with another 3 possible.

  • Labor: 69 likely with another 2 possible.

  • Undecided: 6

The House of Reps has 150 seats, and 76 are required to form government.

The possibilities are:

1) Either the Coalition or Labor get 77 seats. This is a clear majority and government would be formed. According to the Australian Electoral Commission this is impossible for the Coalition, and exceedingly unlikely for Labor.

2) Either the Coalition or Labor get 76 seats. This is still a majority, and government can be formed, but then the government would still need to appoint a Speaker, and the Speaker doesn’t vote (except in the case of a tied vote). This would mean either they appoint a member from their own side, and have only 75 guaranteed votes on the floor; or appoint someone else as the Speaker and have 76 guaranteed votes, and a potentially hostile Speaker. Again, according to current AEC numbers this isn’t possible for the Coalition, but possible for Labor.

3) Either the Coalition or Labor get 75 seats. This is not a majority, so at least one independent or member of another party would need to support them for them to become government. The same issue with the Speaker arises in this case.

4) Both the Coalition and Labor get less than 75 seats, but one of them is able to get independent and/or other party support for a government. Still potential problems with a Speaker.

5) Both the Coalition and Labor get less than 75 seats, and neither of them are able to get sufficient support to form a government. The Governor General then orders a new election to be held and we try again.

A number of the members of the crossbench (the elected members of the House of Reps that are not part of the majority party and are also not part of the Opposition) have stated that they will not under any circumstances “form government” with either of the major parties. This does not mean that we’re all doomed, it simple means they won’t vote in lockstep with either of the major parties. They may still support one side or the other to form a government, but that simply means they will vote in support of supply bills and in votes of no confidence. Anything beyond that will need to be negotiated each and every time.

Important thing to note: If option 5 occurs and we go back to the polls, this would only be a House of Reps election. It WILL NOT effect the Senate in any way. The elected Senators are in it for the next three or six years, depending on which seat they got.

For us to go back to a full election, someone would have to form government, and then try and pass bills that fail that trigger another double dissolution election.

With the likely looking makeup of the Senate, that is actually not an improbable thing to occur.

Note: results obtained from the AEC tally room: http://vtr.aec.gov.au/HouseDefault-20499.htm

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Random Words - Doctor's Appointment...



Just came back from a Doctor’s appointment with my local GP.


When I was getting the Penicillin injections to deal with the infection I was getting really itchy and we thought it was a slight allergic reaction to the Penicillin, so to help deal with that we spaced the last pair of injections over a week instead of both at once, and I took some anti-histamines to keep the reaction down.


That was two months ago now, and the itchiness has hung around and actually gotten worse. It seems worse at night (which is making sleep a fucking nightmare), and just after a shower, and just after putting on or taking off clothing.


The doctor thinks it’s a nerve inflammation, which is why it’s worse when things change (clothing, shower, in bed) possibly caused by an allergic reaction to something else. As a result he took blood samples to send off for allergy testing, which I have another appointment now on Monday for follow up, and recommended I take half a Zyrtec (anti-histamine) table morning and night to reduce the symptoms.


The thing is, thinking over this, I don’t actually think this is a new thing. The places where I’m itchy are places that are usually itchy, just not this bad or this often.


The difference? I haven’t taken any ibuprofen since early February, and in addition to being a muscle relaxant, it’s also an anti-inflammatory. I strongly suspect that the amount of ibuprofen I was taking was keeping the allergic reaction down to a more manageable (and less noticeable) level.


Which ties in nicely with the other thing I talked to the doctor about while I was there. April last year I got a case of Bells Palsy, and it mostly went away over time and treatment. Since coming out of hospital it’s felt like it’s been slowly getting worse.


I don’t think it has been getting worse though. The basic treatment for Bells Palsy is Prednisone, which is a steroid, and works as an very strong anti-inflammatory. Again, I suspect the lack of ibuprofen since February is why it’s feeling worse, because I don’t have that low level of anti-inflammatories in my system.


Ugh! I’ll keep people updated, just expect me to be a bit more grumpy than normal while we work out what’s going on.

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Argh! Dilemma!

Argh! Dilemma!

I love the apartment I’m in. It’s awesome. However, I do have 2 issues with it.

Firstly, it is just a smidgen too small. I little bit of extra room, an extra meter longer, or a bit wider, would make a huge difference to the liveability of the place. Going from half a 4-bedroom house to a 1-bedroom apartment is a big change. I’m managing, but it’s not the most comfortable change.

Secondly, is the lack of ventilation in the bedroom. The apartment is a long box. Walk in the door, and the bathroom and laundry is the first door on your right, the bedroom is the second door on the right, and then the hallway opens out into the rest of the living space, with the doors to the balcony at the end. The only access to the outside is the doors to the balcony, and the bedroom is an internal box. Because I have to sleep with the bedroom door closed (I love my cats dearly, but I can’t sleep with them in the bedroom, unfortunately) ventilation becomes an issue, and with the layout it’s very hard to get fresh air into the bedroom.

Today I had my six month routine inspection.

I get along very well with Anne, my real estate agent, and casually mentioned my two gripes with the place. She then mentioned that one of the larger 1-bedroom apartments on the seventh floor is currently available, and has an inspection tonight.

This apartment: http://www.realestate.com.au/property-apartment-vic-brunswick+east-416780233

It’s so tempting.

The 1-bedroom apartments in this building are one of two basic layouts. Most of them match mine, and are a long box, with small variations in layout depending on whether they are at the end of the building (larger) or not. Then there is a small number of the larger ones, which have the bedroom beside the living area, which results in a bigger and better layout, including a bigger balcony, and an actual openable window to the outside in the bedroom.

I can afford it, but I don’t know if I want to afford it, if you know what I mean.

At least the move would be easier, in that both places are in the same building, so it would just be getting stuff to the lift, travelling up, and then into the new place. The vast majority I could do myself, and I would only need help for the large bits.

Inspection is tonight, so I’m going to go and have a look (because Victorian law says they can’t rent to anyone who hasn’t inspected the place) and make sure my memory is accurate. Then, some thinking.

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Work Ranting

Ranting about a client ahead.

My current task is to get some data from one of their clients into their database. As far as I am aware, usually they do this themselves, but something is stopping them this time, so they are getting us to do it.

First problem: No one at OurClient remembers where the data is actually supposed to go. Other than the owner/CEO, no one at OurClient has been working there for longer than 18 months, their employee turnover is so high. As a result, I had to work out what went where.

Lots of investigation, and too-ing and fro-ing with OurClient and I eventually worked out what went where.

The source data is 3 (large) csv files as the primary data, and then there are 14 secondary csv files for each primary file of related data.So, that’s a total of 45 files worth of data. The good news is that the primary files all have the same structure, and the related files also all have the same structure, so what I’ve worked out for the first lot can be reused for the rest, with just changes to the appropriate magic numbers.

I run the first of the primary files through the tool, and end up with a 100Mb sql script.

So, the SQL Management Studio on the database server (I must run it on the server, can’t run remotely) can’t cope with 100Mb sql script files, so I need to break them into smaller pieces. In addition, SQL Server can only cope with 1000 inserts in a single action, so they have to be broken up into smaller batches of at most 1000.

Rewrite, re-export, re-copy to the server, re-run. That’s when I discover the data is nowhere near as clean as I was lead to believe, and includes lines that will cause key violation errors. Argh!

So, rewrite again, this time instead of just inserting the data, I have to check each row to see if it already exists, and if it does update, otherwise insert it.

This means the 100Mb primary script is now almost 1Bg of script, split over 88 files.

(Big thank you’s to Dan Findley​ for pointing out that Powershell scripts would make generating the sql scripts from the csv source much easier, which has saved my sanity.)

I end up having to do a similar thing to the related data files as well, and the 14 files each end up being 9 sql scripts, so 126 files of about 10Mb each.

Running each of the secondary files in batches of 9 (so, each batch is one of the original source files) takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Running the primary files in batches of 10 takes about the same amount of time.

And now I’m dealing with the sanity destroying issues, now that I’ve actually got the sql scripts correct.

Firstly, I cannot get to the database server directly. I have to remote desktop to another one of their machines, and then remote from that machine to the machine I actually need. As a result, every time I need to copy files, I have to copy through the intermediary machine. Thankfully sql scripts compress really, really well, and the zip file tends to only be about 5% of the original size of the files.

Secondly, Remote Desktop automatically logs me out if there is more than 15 minutes of inactivity, discarding whatever I was working on at the time. As a result, I can’t go off and do other things, because I have to make sure there is continual activity on that machine. From the looks of it, I may have found a solution with MouseMove (https://movemouse.codeplex.com/) which automatically moves the mouse for you, and will fool screensavers and the like.

Thirdly, Remote Desktop automatically ends every session 3 hours after it was started, no mater what. So, even with MouseMove, long batch runs are impossible.

The only good thing out of this is that OurClient is paying time and materials, so they are paying for the fact I am sitting here, not really able to do anything else, poking their machine every few minutes (just in case) and ready to restart the remote desktop connection every 3 hours.

And so far, I am about half way through the related files for the first of the primary files. I still have the other 2 primary files and all of the related files for them to go.

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I am back to reading my Live Journal again on a semi-regular basis as I have found the LJ client for the iPad is actually quite decent.

So, hi, how ya doing? :)


Not a good way to end the day.
As some of you may be aware we had a little bit of weather here in Brunswick yesterday (Tuesday). At work we had rain and hail so hard that we had water getting inside via dodgy flashing around one of the windows and hail getting inside due to dodgy roof. Barkly Square shopping centre had to be partially evacuated due to flooding, and when we were there today some of the shops were still shut while they dried the carpets. After it had passed Brunswick Rd looked like a river due to the storm drains not coping.
I was a little bit concerned for how the apartment had fared, but when I got home I could see absolutely nothing had changed other than the watering can had moved from one end of the balcony to the other.
All fine. Or, so I had thought.
Decided to do a little bit of a clean up and move the oil heater I had sitting in my bedroom (which I've used once over here for a grand total of 15 minutes and then turned it off because it was getting too hot) down into the storage cage. I drag it and the empty boxes down there and see water.
There are puddles of water, sitting around the basement. First glance my storage cage looks fine. Second glance shows it isn't. The outer edges were dry, but every else was sitting in a very small amount of water.
End result: Nowhere near as bad as it could have been. 
There were four main piles of boxes, plus other things placed in and around the piles. Three of the piles had plastic crates on the bottom, so they were fine. The box on the bottom of the fourth pile was soggy and had to be unloaded. Thankfully everything inside it was kitchenware, so nothing there had a problem with getting wet. All that stuff is upstairs now.
I threw out an Ikea mirror that I've had for ages that I never got to put up because it was heavy enough to have required a permanent mounting. Also threw out two folding card tables. They all were resting one edge on the concrete floor and had absorbed water.
Threw out an old frame that didn't have anything in it. My university diploma will need to be reframed, but the actual diploma looks fine. I had a framed photo of my parents that was taken by one of the glamour photography places. The frame has had to be tossed, as it had a fabric backing and it had absorbed far too much water but the photo itself looks like it should be fine. I currently have it sandwiched between paper towels to absorb any remaining water.
Thankfully all the other framed artwork I had sitting down there seems to have gotten through it ok. I would have been really upset if the framed The Taxman print by Ursula Vernon had been damaged, but it looks like it was sitting up a slight bit and water didn't touch anything that couple have absorbed it.
Now I'm going to have a shower and go to bed, because I really didn't need that headache to end the day.
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Stuff to give away

I have a lot of stuff, and I’m giving some of it away.

Black Bookcase Black Bookcase

Black bookcases: either 1 or 2 of these.

30cm deep, 90cm wide, 179cm high.

Desk Desk

Desk: either 2 or 3 of these.

75cm deep, 180cm wide.

There is also another desk of a different type, 90cm deep,150cm wide.

Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers. I usually cover the top with a towel so I don’t have to look at all those old stickers. 

43cm deep, 89cm wide, 70cm high.

Ikea PAX Wardrobe Ikea PAX Wardrobe

One Ikea PAX wardrobe. I forgot to measure it myself, but according to the Ikea website it should be 60cm deep, 100cm wide and 236cm high. It comes with 2 shelves and a pull out drawer. 

It’s currently in pieces so it can be moved, but even so the end pieces are 60cmx236cm and solid.

Iron Mirror Iron Mirror

Iron Mirror Iron Mirror

Mirror. I think it’s cast iron. It’s heavy and I’ve never been able to hang it up because of rental properties. Hopefully someone wants it.

Armchairs Armchairs

Armchairs Armchairs

Armchairs Armchairs

Armchairs Armchairs

Two armchairs. There is also a matching footstool. Both armchairs have been used as cat scratching posts, so are ratty at the edges. 

One of the chairs has a damaged arm.

White Shelves White Shelves

White Shelves White Shelves

White storage shelves: 2 of.

Bottom half is 43cm deep, top half is 21cm deep. 120cm wide. Both halves are 86cm high, for a total of 172cm high.

In addition:

Two single beds, currently in pieces, but easy to reassemble.

Computer hutch on wheels. 52cm deep at the base, 64cm wide and 146cm high. Has a pull out shelf for the keyboard.

Desk rolling return with two drawers and a filing drawer. It currently lives under one of the desks, so it will fit under a standard desk easily.

Another wardrobe. This one is three pieces. The bottom piece is a set of drawers, the middle piece is the hanging section and the top piece is general storage. The doors of the hanging section have taken a bit of damage, but it still operates fine. Wouldn’t be all that hard to replace the doors with another piece of laminated particle board if someone wanted.

Two dinning tables. Both have taken damage over the years, but are still usable. One’s an extendible table that can seat up to six, the other one looks like it could seat six but due to the leg placement it can really only seat 4.

Vacuum cleaner, though Kim Asher has first dibs on that.

4 handset wireless phone with answering machine. I don’t have a landline phone here, so I have no need of it any more.

I think that’s everything.

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Random Words: Moving Thoughts

This move is proving to be different to most.

There is a lot of stuff that I have moved from house to house (including the interstate move from Brisbane to Melbourne over seven years ago) that I didn’t really pay much attention to when I moved it. It was mine, therefore I moved it.

As a result, there’s stuff here that I’ve known that I’ve owned, but that knowledge is a bit theoretical, a bit tenuous. Yes, it’s mine, but have I really owned it, or has it just been following me around all these years?

This time I am going through everything, making sure the the reason that I’m moving it is because I choose to move it, not simply that it’s following along. Case in point is my CD collection. I have a reasonable number of CDs that have been sitting in a CD holder either under my computer desk or on the mantelpiece of my computer room. Tonight is the first time I have looked at any of them since I moved here over three years ago. I’m picking them up, looking at them and packing them away in a box ready to be moved.

But, the important thing is I am looking at them, deciding that yes I am going to keep them. After the move I’ll probably (finally) rip them all to computer and put them away in a box in the storage cage, but I am paying attention to the fact that I have them for the first time in I don’t know how long.

A lot of what I own has just become caught up in the wash, following along behind me as I’ve gone place to place. To be perfectly honest, it’s probably cost me huge amounts of money in moving and storage costs over the years that it didn’t need to. Some of the stuff has gone straight into the bin, something that I am finding much easier now. Other bits are getting assigned to part of my mental to-do list of things I need to do after the move. Some of that stuff is probably worth money to the right person, so I’ll probably attempt to sell it on eBay afterwards. Other bits have gone into the “give away” pile. I don’t need it, and if anyone else wants it they can have it.

I’m still going to be overly cramped in the new apartment, at least for a while, but I know I’m still going to be continuing on the down-sizing after the move. Before the move is the obvious stuff, after will be the finer details, and working out what works and what doesn’t in the new space.

Things to note:

  • The rubbish bin is nowhere near big enough. I have almost 2 decades worth of collecting to get rid of, and while the bin has been full every week for the last month, I will still be getting a skip to dispose of all the rest after I move out.

  • The recycle bin is also nowhere near big enough. Same deal. :)

  • I was thinking of using Taxibox to temporarily store the books, DVDs, CD and all of that sort of stuff that I don’t need straight away until after the move, but the logistics of this house isn’t making it easy. Being on Bell St means we can’t put it out front, and the rollerdoor access means we can’t put it out back, so it’s likely it’s not going to happen.

  • I’m planning on buying a new computer desk and dining table from Ikea, as the current ones I own are far too big for the new space. This means my current ones are going to be given away. Once I’ve made a bit more space and am able to take photos I’ll post details. I’m giving it all away, but if you want it, you need to come and get it before the end of the lease, otherwise I’ll be donating it all to charity or chucking it in the skip.

  • I am giving away bookcases as well. I know I have more than will fit in the apartment, all I have to do is work out what I have room for and which ones I am getting rid of. I know I am getting rid of the white storage shelving units (ideal for a workshop or craft room) and the 4 generic black bookcases. Adrian has first priority on the black bookcases as he’s currently already using 2 of them, however if he doesn’t want them then they will be up for grabs.

  • I will be buying a new fridge, washing machine and microwave. I have my own fridge, but it’s a large 600 litre model that’s too big for the fridge space in the new apartment. I was originally thinking of loaning Adrian my current one until I need it again, but I’ve reconsidered and I’m probably going to sell it instead. I only need one fridge, and having another one just hanging around in the back of my mind is probably not worth the hassle. The current washing machine is a top-loader, and it’s actually a loaner from people who don’t need it, so I’m going to buy a new front loader which will fit better. The current microwave is Adrian, and he’ll be taking that.

  • I have a portable air-conditioning unit with window kit that I bought at the start of last summer to help my bedroom survive the really hot spells. I’m not going to need it, so I’ll be selling it. It cost me $400 new, it’s only been used for the one season, so I’d like to get $300 for it if I can.

  • I keep on looking around the place and noticing something that I hadn’t considered. So I’m constantly thinking about will I take something, and if so, how will it fit in amongst the rest.

  • For instance, I just remembered the 3 door cabinet that’s sitting in my study. The only place it would “fit” in the new apartment is down the hallway, and I really don’t know if it would fit. 120cm long, 42cm deep and 90cm high. The hallway is only 92cm wide, so that would take a large chunk of that width, but it’s not that high so won’t feel as big because it won’t be crowding you in at eye level. Not sure.

  • I put together one of the single beds just to make sure I have all the pieces. It’s missing 2 of the slats (which if I remember correctly, I broke, which is what prompted me to get my first queen size bed all those years ago). If anyone wants it I will get replacements for the two missing slats. The one problem with it is it has been sitting in storage for quite some time, and some parts of it have gotten sunbleached and/or dried and cracked. It could probably do with someone who knows wood giving it a little bit of care.

  • I am hoping that going through all the crates and boxes will allow me to find the bolts for the other single bed. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge to find replacement bolts if I can’t find the original ones. I think I’m going to have to take some measurements and wander down to Bunnings and hope for the best.

  • I also have a 68cm flatscreen CRT television. I doubt anyone wants it (as I have tried to give it away before) which means it will probably end up in the skip.

Physically I am finding the actual moving of the packed boxes exhausting, but the rest I am finding strangely pleasing. I wish I’d done this clean out a hell of a long time ago.

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The Move

Hmm… It seems I forgot to update.

I have a new apartment, and will be moving in under three weeks. After making my decision I put an application in on the $285 per week apartments with the agent that guarantees an answer within 24 hours. I did that on the Sunday night.

On the Wednesday, having heard nothing from them (and being a nervous wreck) I rang them up to inquire and was told “we should have those applications dealt with today”. So much for 24 hours.

Thursday night I did another inspection with a different real estate agent. I’d dealt with this agent on one of the $400 per week apartments that I had put an application in for, and then later decided against it and withdrew the application (when I came to my senses). They had a slightly bigger apartment (42sqm instead of 40sqm) for $315 per week, that was north facing (which I preferred) that didn’t have a car parking space. It was a little bit more than I was hoping, but still reasonable, so I decided to go for it. I was told that since I had already put an application in through them, I didn’t need to put another application in, just to email them to let them know officially I wished to apply for it. They would then do the necessary checks, and pass it by the owner, and they should be able to have an answer for me the next day.

Went back to the office and sent them email, and was told I had the place Friday afternoon. YAY!

Lease start date is Thursday the 14th of August, and Adrian and I have arranged the end of the lease at the current place on Monday the 25th of August. That gives us a week and a half to finalise everything and clean the place properly.

Electricity and gas are a little bit interesting in the new place. Electricity must go through their specified supplier (OC Energy), because that supplier specialises in new apartment blocks and puts their infrastructure in as the apartment block is being built. I’ve looked at their costs and they are considerably cheaper than what I’m paying now so I have no problem sticking with them. The individual apartments don’t have gas (electric oven and cooktop) but share a very large gas hot water heater, and the gas account is merely for the hot water that the apartment uses.

NBN is already connected (Internode had it all sorted within a couple of days ) and I’m not getting a landline phone since I have NBN. Water is sorted as well for the new place.

For the old place I’ve organised the disconnection of the water, gas, electricity, telephone and Foxtel (Cable TV).

I’ve booked my move in for Friday the 15th. Moves have to be booked in with the building manager so they can organise usage of the lifts correctly, and so they don’t have multiple people trying to move in or out of the same building at the same time.

I’m looking forward to it.

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I have made a sensible decision, and anyone who knows me should be suitable shocked at the concept. :)

With where I am currently, rent plus public transport costs plus telephone and Foxtel (which I am not going to worry about in the new place) comes to about $300 per week. So as a result the plan was to find a place on my own where I can walk to work for about $300 per week. This would put me directly no worse off from my current state, overall better off as a lot of the related costs like electricity would end up being much lower, and being able to walk to work would make me feel better.

So my first inspection last weekend I saw a number of apartments in the new Tip Top redevelopment just off Lygon St. Most of them were 40 square meters in size (plus balcony) for $285 per week, and my immediate reaction was “not quite”. You see I need three spaces in my home: bedroom, living space plus computer space. With these apartments there just wasn’t quite enough space in the open plan kitchen/dining/living room to be able to fit my computer desk and a couple of couches and a dining table.

In the same complex was another apartment that was 48 square meters (plus balcony) with a better layout and a car space, for $355 per week. While outside my original budget, I theoretically should have been able to sub-let the car space to another resident for $30 per week, bringing the cost down to $325 per week, which still seemed reasonable.

I put an application in for the large apartment, but unfortunately didn’t get it (probably because I put the application in Monday afternoon and the real estate agent prides itself on responding to applications within 24 hours, so I was probably too late).

The problem is, that raised the theoretical bar in my head above what I wanted to spend, which meant that I was looking at some 2 bedroom apartments on Saturday that were $395 to $416 per week, and I was about to put applications in on them.

Stupid, stupid rat creature.

After a deep thinking night and morning, I’ve reset my brain back to where it was, and am not considering any of those expensive properties. Preferred is $300 per week or less, up to $325 per week for something really good, or $355 per week if it includes a car space that I can reasonable expect to sub-let for the duration of the lease.

I am going to put in an application for the original apartments I saw that were $285 per week. Some of them are still available (I spoke with the agent when I was looking at some of the others on Saturday) and I shouldn’t have any problem getting one of them. If I get one I’m going to need to do some shopping though. My large fridge is too big for the spaces these kitchens have for the fridge, so I’m going to have to downsize, I’m going to get a front loader washing machine so I can stack the drier on top of it in the laundry cupboard, and I’m probably going to need a smaller computer desk.

I don’t think I’m going to worry about a dining table initially. I don’t expect I’ll be having dinner guests, so eating at the end of the computer desk should be fine for me on my own. If I find I can fit one I can get a new one later.

Overall this should save me a reasonable amount of money, and that’s the end goal. I’m never going to be able to afford to buy if I’m never able to save up enough for a deposit, am I?

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Random Words: Seating

The couches I have are old and getting worn and cat-damaged, and getting them re-covered and repaired has been on the wish list for a while. I figured since I’m going to be moving them again soon I would look into getting them redone, and I might be able to swing the timing so they would be elsewhere for the actual move.

End result is for the most part no. The two single seater armchairs would be about $900 each to recover, plus additional cost to repair the physical damage on the arm of one of them. Considering the two of them plus the three-seater couch were part of a set I got from Super A Mart many years ago, probably for less than the repair costs of one of them, there’s no way they are worth that much to repair.

The sofa bed would be about $1200 to re-cover. I bought it second hand for about $400 many years ago, and I can pick up a brand new one from Ikea for about $800, so again it wouldn’t be worth it. I may end up getting some new cushions for it to replace the existing ones, as the current ones were the battle field in territory battles between the cats and there’s no way to completely get rid of that smell.

The final piece however I am planning on re-covering anyway. The swivel-chair is an old piece made of solid wood (not particle board) with metal springs, and it would most definitely be worth re-covering at about $640.

Oh, and these costs are assuming I chose the cheapest fabrics they use. Add more if I go for more expensive fabrics.

I may end up giving away some of the pieces, because there’s no way to fit all of it into the size of place I’m looking at. No decisions yet, but most likely.

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My stress levels are through the roof.

I don’t deal well with change, never have. I like things consistent and known, moving within known limits. Moving always stresses me out as things are changing and I don’t know what things are going to be like in the end.

This one’s more stressing than usual. The last two moves were initiated via external forces: we had to move out of Reynard St because the owners wanted to sell with vacant possession, and we had to move out of Spry St because the owner was a dick and wanted to move back into his house.

Also, in both previous moves, someone else was leading the way. In both cases it was both Travis and I moving, and Travis was getting things done so I was getting things done. I’m not that good at organisation myself, so having someone else to lead the way meant I know what had to be done.

This time is different on both counts. We’re moving out because this house is falling apart, the owners don’t care enough to do anything about it, and sometime in the future the house next door is going to be knocked down and they are going to build 4 townhouses on the block (I’ve seen the plans, they are tiny!). In addition, I’m moving out because this house doesn’t hold the heat very well and in fact seems to suck the heat out of the place (which is really good in Summer, but painful in Winter). Cold is really not good for my back which means I have a choice of consistently high pain levels, an electricity that could potentially bankrupt small nations, or moving to somewhere that can actually stay warm. Finally, I’m not moving out with my current housemate, I’m moving somewhere on my own.

Because of all this, my stress levels are way beyond normal levels. I know this is a good idea, and I know this is the right thing to do, and I know it’s all going to work out well in the end, but that doesn’t stop the voice in the back of my screaming in terror at it all.

Stress is also not good for my back, surprise surprise. So in addition to the cold causing me pain, the stress is causing even more. Mostly this time I seem to be carrying it across my lower back, which makes lying down uncomfortable, which means I haven’t slept all that well the last few days. Plus, pain in that area tends to cause lower-intestinal issues, and currently my bowels aren’t anyone’s friends.

It looks like I’m going to have to spend a little bit more than I was originally hoping on rent. My original budget seems to be just under the price point for the type of place I want, and raising my weekly rent by $25 a week should make all the difference. I’m not going to be any worse off financially than I am now, which is fine, but I was hoping to be able to save some money. The other benefits I’ll get from it all will more than make up for not saving as much, so it should all be good.

And to be honest, it’s been strangely refreshing to start getting rid of stuff. I hate the concept of “waste”, so I’d been holding on to stuff for years that I really had no need to keep because I didn’t want to waste it. So far in the last 2 days I’ve gotten rid of a pile of candleholders and the metal frame of my old work bench. For any of the Brisvegans reading this, my work bench was the Hit Point’s front counter, and all the candle holders all came from there when the Hit Point shut down at the end of June, 2000. This means I have been carting those things around for 14 years now.

I think that’s enough. I’ve found a home for my old filing cabinet, the storage cases probably have a home, and there are other things that will be going, and it’s feeling strangely freeing. It’s something I started years ago, and have slowly been get to, but now it’s all speeding up. Tomorrow night I’m probably going to go through my miscellaneous crate of computer cables and spare parts and most likely throw out 90% of it. I don’t think I own a computer with a working serial port any more, so anything of that ilk can go. Also, I know I don’t own any computers with a working floppy drive, so I probably should throw out all the old software that’s still on floppy disk. I’m sure if I need a copy again (for whatever strange reason) I’ll be able to download a copy from the internet somewhere.

All the books in the hallway bookcases are packed, and some of the stuff in the study bookcases. I stopped because I ran out of boxes, but I’m getting more delivered tomorrow, so will start again soon.

And at the very least, Xavier is liking the fact I’m packing stuff. There’s packed boxes in the hallway, and he’s always been a climber. :)

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House Descisions

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So, Adrian and I have discussed things, and worked out that it’s going to be cheaper for both of us for us not to share a house together.

The main reason for this is because I have geographical limitations, and he doesn’t. I work in Brunswick and don’t have a car, so anywhere I live needs to have good access to Public Transport that allows me an easy access to work. This means the preferred areas are anywhere along the Upfield train, or along the 1, 8, or 19 trams.

The problem with this is they are old established areas, and tend to be expensive. This means our options for renting are an old place, which means it’s probably not been well maintained (because it’s a rental) which will be basically swapping the problems with this place for problems in another place; or a new place that will be too small, or too expensive.

However, I can get a one-bedroom apartment near work that would end up costing me about the same or less than I pay here (once other costs are factored in), and Adrian can get a different housemate and move further out for less, as all he needs is access to the city.

So, that’s basically what we’ve decided to do.

The problem? I own far too much stuff, and I really need to get rid of most of it. So, I will be getting rid of a lot of furniture over the next short while, most of it for the nominal fee of “you want it, you move it”.

And to be honest, even if I wasn’t moving into a one bedroom apartment, I probably should be getting rid of all of the excess crap anyway.

Wish me luck! (Any and all help gratefully appreciated).

Things to get rid of, post the first...

I may need to buy a new desk, as the current ones I have are fairly large. Even if I don’t, I won’t have the room for three desks, so two of them will be going.

I have two desks that are 75cm x 180cm, plus one that’s 90cm x 155cm.  If I do keep one of the desks it will be one of the 75×180 cm ones.

I also have loads of bookcases and similar things. I probably won’t be sure on what bookcases I’m getting rid off until all of them are moved and I know what wall space I have, but there are two that I definitely want to offload. These two are in two pieces of 90cm each high, for a total of 180cm each. The bottom half is about 44cm deep, and the top half is your standard bookcase depth of about 20cm.  They’re each about 90cm wide in white laminated particle board.

I have a large 3-drawer metal filing cabinet (50cm wide, 65cm deep, 100cm tall) that I don’t think I actually need.

There’s other bits and pieces of furniture that I have that I will give Adrian (my current housemate) first dibs on. Actually, he probably has first dibs on any of this stuff as he already lives in the house with it all. :)

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House Descisions

So, Adrian and I have discussed things, and worked out that it’s going to be cheaper for both of us for us not to share a house together.

The main reason for this is because I have geographical limitations, and he doesn’t. I work in Brunswick and don’t have a car, so anywhere I live needs to have good access to Public Transport that allows me an easy access to work. This means the preferred areas are anywhere along the Upfield train, or along the 1, 8, or 19 trams.

The problem with this is they are old established areas, and tend to be expensive. This means our options for renting are an old place, which means it’s probably not been well maintained (because it’s a rental) which will be basically swapping the problems with this place for problems in another place; or a new place that will be too small, or too expensive.

However, I can get a one-bedroom apartment near work that would end up costing me about the same or less than I pay here (once other costs are factored in), and Adrian can get a different housemate and move further out for less, as all he needs is access to the city.

So, that’s basically what we’ve decided to do.

The problem? I own far too much stuff, and I really need to get rid of most of it. So, I will be getting rid of a lot of furniture over the next short while, most of it for the nominal fee of “you want it, you move it”.

And to be honest, even if I wasn’t moving into a one bedroom apartment, I probably should be getting rid of all of the excess crap anyway.

Wish me luck! (Any and all help gratefully appreciated).

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Test Post

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If this works, this should be posted all over the place.

Test Post

If this works, this should be posted all over the place.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Fantasy Authors

So, I got an email from my mother.

She's been going to physiotherapy lately (she's getting old and a number of bits are broken so needs to work at keeping things moving) and discovered her physiotherapist is a fan of fantasy and the Lord of the Rings. Both my brother and I are avid readers of Sci-Fi and fantasy so Mum sent us an email asking for our favourite fantasy authors so she could pass on the recommendations.

I don't tend to do things like this by halves, so came up with quite a list just from the things I have sitting on my shelves. After putting this much into it, I figured it was a shame to send it off to Mum and leave it at that, so here is the list (in no apparent order) for your pleasure.

Robert Jordan - If she likes Lord of the Rings, then she will probably like the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It's a huge series covering 14 books, plus a prequel novel and other stuff. Robert Jordan died in 2007 before finishing the series, but he knew he was probably not going to live to the end of the series so left extensive notes and the series was completed by another fantasy author and long time Wheel of Time fan Brandon Sanderson. Because of the sheer amount of stuff going in in the books, some of the middle books can feel like nothing is actually happening, but it all comes together brilliantly at the end.
Brandon Sanderson - On his own Brandon Sanderson has written the Mistborn series and a number of other stand alone books. His magic system in the Mistborn series is fascinating, and the books are a really good read.
David Eddings - Unfortunately passed away, the series' by David Eddings (and in the later period, both him and his wife Leigh Eddings got writing credit) are my go to when I need light escapism fantasy. I have read all the books I have of his so many times that some of them are almost falling apart. I consider his work the fantasy equivalent of the trashy romance novel. :) The Belgariad and the Malorean are two series' of 5 books each set in the same world and go one after the other. Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress are two other books set in that same world detailing the times before the two series' but best read afterwards. The Elenium and the Tamuli are two other series' (three books each) set in a different world from the others and again go one after the other.
Raymond E Feist - Raymond E Feist's work started off as light fantasy but evolved over time to a massively detailed and intricate world. The main story starts with The Riftwar Saga (MagicianSilverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon), and continues onward from there to a total of about 20 books. He's also worked with Janny Wurts on the Empire Trilogy (Daughter of the EmpireServant of the EmpireMistress of the Empire) which takes place around the same time as the other three books and details the other side of the conflict. I recommend reading The Riftwar Saga, then the Empire Trilogy, then continuing the rest of the story.
Janny Wurts - While I love her work on the Empire Trilogy, I'm not as big a fan of her solo work. However, if she reads the Empire Trilogy and likes it some of Janny Wurts' other work might be worth a look.
Terry Pratchett - The Discworld series is very well known as well written light fantasy humour. He covers a hell of a lot of ground and targets most cliché's of the fantasy universe. For the most part each novel is a stand alone story set in the same universe, so they can mostly be read in any order. I recommend reading the first two (The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic) as the introduction to the world and then from then on reading whatever seems likely. A real fun read.
Greg Bear - For the most part Greg Bear is a Sci-Fi author, however he has written two fantasy books in a series that I consider to be one of my favourite reads of all time. The Infinity Concerto and The Serpent Mage are the two books and they were rereleased in 1994 in a single volume called Songs of Earth and Power. It's a bit hard to find nowadays, but I do really recommend it to anyone interested in fantasy.
Piers Anthony - Piers Anthony has written a lot of stuff ranging from hard Sci-Fi through to light comedic fantasy. His Xanth series (currently sitting at 39 novels and growing) is his light comedic fantasy series and contains some of the worst puns I have ever had the misfortune to read. :) Again I consider this series to be the fantasy equivalent of the trashy romance novel (please note: That doesn't stop me reading them thought.) He's done a lot of other work, some of which is very deep and others which are almost as light as the Xanth series.
Neil Gaiman - Neil Gaiman is another author who has written a lot of stuff in many different genres and forms. My first introduction to him was the Sandman comic series he wrote between 1989 and 1997. They are an urban/modern fantasy series and have been reissued as collected volumes and I do recommend reading them. He's also done a lot of other comic works, plus a fair number of really good books including Stardust (which if I remember correctly Mum, you really liked the movie of. He wrote the original book.) A lot of his work is urban/modern fantasy, not your "classic" fantasy.
Sara Douglass - An Australian author who passed away in 2011, she wrote some fantastic stories. The first book of hers I read (a stand along novel called Threshold) I wasn't really a big fan of. However some time later I reread it and loved it, so you may find them a bit hard to get into at first. I've been told the best place to start for her work is the Axis Trilogy (BattleaxeEnchanter and StarMan).
Katharine Kerr - The Deverry series is currently at 16 novels starting with Daggerspell, and are a very good fantasy series using Celtic mythology as a base for its myth and magic. She's also done some other works in both fantasy and Sci-Fi.
J. K. Rowling - While the Harry Potter books are classified as Young Adult, there are still a good read, especially as the target age group for the books goes up as the series progresses. She has stated that the target age group for each book is basically Harry's age in that book, so by the end of it the final book is very much an adult urban fantasy story.
Stephen Donaldson - A really good author, covering both Sci-Fi and fantasy, his Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (10 books in three series', starting with Lord Foul's Bane) is an epic tale. However, his work comes with a warning; while they are really good books, they are in no way, shape or form 'nice' books. The stuff the protagonist (the previously mentioned Thomas Covenant) goes through right from the start is not nice and the journey he goes on is not nice. I do not read any of his work if I am in any way even remotely upset or sad. That said, they are an epic tale and really well written.
Julian May - Most of what Julian May writes I would probably classify as Sci-Fi, but two of her series' (The Saga of the Pliocene Exile and The Galactic Milieu Series) sort of straddle the border between Sci-Fi and fantasy and I do recommend them. The Saga of the Pliocene Exile (The Many-Colored LandThe Golden TorcThe Nonborn King and The Adversary) is about a group who travel back in time to the Pliocene Epoch (roughly 5.3 million to 2.5 million years ago) and discover things are not as they seem. The Galactic Milieu Series (InterventionJack the BodilessDiamond Mask and Magnificat) is set slightly futuristic and is about the human race getting to grips with metaphysical abilities (eg telepathy, telekinesis, etc) and alien races. The characters from The Saga of the Pliocene Exile are from the time period of The Galactic Milieu Series and the two series' are linked, so if you read one I recommend you read the other.
Anne McCaffrey - Another author who has sadly passed away, she wrote a lot of Sci-Fi and fantasy, and I recommend the Dragonriders of Pern series (about 24 books if you include the collected short stories). The book to start with is Dragonflight as it was the first of the series she wrote and is the introduction story.
Terry Brooks - Very much influenced by J.R.R Tolkein, his Shannara series (starting with the Shannara Trilogy of The Sword of ShannaraThe Elfstones of Shannara and The Wishsong of Shannara, the recommend reading order is in the order of publication, even though that's not the internal chronological order) look to be light fantasy at first but ends up being epic fantasy. It's currently about 28 books and still growing. He has also written the Magic Kingdom of Landover series (starting with Magic Kingdom for Sale - SOLD!) which is a six book series independent of the Shannara series.
Roger Zelazny - Passed away in 1995, Zelazny wrote huge amounts of stories all over the Fantasy/Sci-Fi road map. The Chronicles of Amber (starting with Nine Princes in Amber) is not his best work, but I think it is his best universe, and the things that he explores in the books are fascinating. There are a lot of other works with his name on it and I am of the opinion that all of them are worth checking out.
L. E. Modesitt Jr - Another very prolific author (with 56 Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels currently published), I have read The Saga of Recluce (starting with The Magic of Recluce, the recommend reading order is in the order of publication, even though that's not the internal chronological order) and do really recommend them.
Robin Hobb - One of the pen names of Megan Lindholm, she has written many fantasy novels under the name of Robin Hobb, most in the same universe. The Farseer Trilogy (Assassin's ApprenticeRoyal Assassin and Assassin's Quest) are the recommended place to start.
Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman - A classic pair, Weis and Hickman have written a fair number of fantasy series' together. The Dragonlance books (Starting with the Dragonlance Chronicles - Dragons of Autumn TwilightDragons of Winter Night and Dragons of Spring Dawning) are considered to be classic fantasy and for a lot of people are considered to be the series that set the mould. They have also done the Darksword series, the Rose of the Prophet series and the Death Gate Cycle together, as well as writing a lot of stuff individually. I really like the Death Gate Cycle (starting with Dragon Wing for a total of 7 books).
Tad Williams - He's written a lot of fantasy work. The Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series (The Dragonbone ChairStone of Farewell and To Green Angel Tower) are the books of his that I know.
Brent Weeks - A relatively new writer (first book published in 2008) he's written the Night Angel Trilogy (The Way of ShadowsShadow's Edge and Beyond the Shadows) plus The Lightbringer Series (The Black PrismThe Blinding Knife, plus two other forthcoming books). I haven't actually read any of his work yet, but I bought some of them and have been given rave reviews of them.
Peter V Brett - Another relatively new writer (again, first book published in 2009) he has so far written three of the five books in the Demon Cycle (The Painted ManThe Desert SpearThe Daylight War, plus two more forthcoming). I've read the first two and really enjoyed them, and really need to get the third one.
As I said, that's just from what I have on my shelves. Anything I should add to the list (and probably get for myself as well?)
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How Your Vote Works (Redux)

Three years ago in the lead up to the last Australian federal election I did a series of posts describing how the Federal Parliament and the voting systems work in Australia.

With a new federal election just around the corner, it's probably worthwhile bringing them back up again. So, without further delay:

How Your Vote Works:

I hope this helps.

Also - If you are voting in this election, I wholeheartedly recommend you visit Below The Line to help you organise your Senate voting ticket. While you can simply vote 1 above the line, if you do that you are giving your vote to that political party to allocate as they see fit. With the way Senate voting works in Australia, preferences are very important and badly allocated preferences can see the wrong people (ie the people you don't want to get in) getting in on your vote.

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Musically speaking...

Some questions for my musically inclined friends.

My brain has started writing again, not a bad thing, and the story it's decided to latch on to is one that has been wandering around my head for many years. The original idea came to me well before I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne (the story is set in Brisbane as a result), and back then I probably was up with music enough to know the things I want to know.

Unfortunately, nowadays I don't keep up with music anywhere near enough so I'm really not sure of a number of things.

In the story, a group get together to form a band (rather cliché, I know). The type of music I envision them playing is somewhere in the prog rock to heavy rock spectrum. I have a lot of Muse in my music collection (blame Sim) and I've been listening to them a bit lately, and that's along the lines of what I'm thinking of. My first question is, what else should I be listening to, and also, what have they been listening to, to get them into playing that style in the first place?

At one point in the story, the protagonist tries out for the band as lead vocals, and wants to impress. He's got the talent, he knows what they want, and he really wants to be part of this band. What song would he choose to sing? As I said, he's got the talent and the voice and all the rest. What one song should he do to make the rest of them realise that he's the one they want?

My final quest is one of band composition. The band will end up being eight people. I know there are 2 drummers (don't ask), a keyboard player, and the protagonist will be lead vocals and will probably play some instruments at times. What other instruments/roles should be in the band? There will probably be a lead guitar and a base guitar, but what else? (There will actually be a ninth member, but he'll end up being the manager, etc, not because he's not musically talented, but because he's still new at all this.)

If this ends up getting written and if it ends up getting published, etc, anyone who helps out will probably end up in the acknowledgements, and probably even a signed copy, etc. There's a lot of ifs there, but that's writing for you. :)

Big thanks in advance if you can help.

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Hippo Bath Tray 2 Me! Sort of...

I'm having a birthday party. Sort of.

I was born with a name I didn't like. There wasn't really anything wrong with it, it was just it was incredibly common. My first name is in the top 30 most popular boys names for the decade I was born, and my middle name was in the top 10. With a surname like Jones, I was not happy with my name.

Everywhere I went, no matter what group I was involved with, I was always sharing either my first name or last name with someone else, often there with be multiple people sharing them, and enough times there were other people with the exact same first and last name as me. I hated it. I didn't have my own name, I just had a label that I shared with heaps of other people.

For most of my adult life I was A.J. It was at least something different enough that it was mine.

Then it finally occurred to me that I could change it. I didn't have to keep that name, so did the investigation to work out how and what and all the rest.

January 2006 I went down to the appropriate Queensland department, put in the paperwork, paid the money, and that was that. Bureaucracy moves as slowly as bureaucracy does, so it wasn't until the end of February that the official paperwork arrived. I was no longer that name, instead I was Random, a name that I had been using online for many years.

My actual birthday is in August, which I'm not a big fan of because it's bloody cold and I don't deal well with the cold. The official date of the name change was February 14th, 2006. That means, this year Random turns 7 in the middle of Summer, a much better time for a party.

As a result, I am having a birthday celebration at my house on Friday the 15th of February. Plan is for a birthday picnic in the back yard from 6:30, moving on to a regular party afterwards.

If you are my friend, you are invited. If you don't have my address (it's in Coburg, Melbourne, Australia, for those who aren't sure, and not the first place I moved to when I moved down here) please get in contact.

Hope to see you there.

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A Definition of Marriage?

A thought has been wandering through my head of late, and it's something I have been mulling over for a while.

There's all this talk about equal marriage and all that, and it leads me to ask one very simple question:

What is your definition of marriage?

Please let me know what it is to you. Also, I would appreciate if you could spread this far and wide. I want to hear from a much wider audience that just my friends.

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Pheno Accommodation?

Right, so my planned Pheno accommodation has fallen through, so need to look for something else.

Is there anyone who would be happy to put up with me as a house guest for Pheno this year? I fly in to Canberra on the Friday afternoon (8th June) and fly out Tuesday afternoon (12th June), so would need a bed for four nights.

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The latest dead tree volume of Howard Tayler's awesome web-comic Schlock Mercenary is open for preorders.

I have been a big fan of Schlock Mercenary for ages, and happily share the addiction whenever possible. Howard is also a cool guy. :)

He's also running a competition allowing people to win advanced copies. Isn't that a nice thing to do? :)

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I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in vain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

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I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in vain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

I dream of rain
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I close my eyes
This rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of her love

I dream of rain
I dream of gardens in the desert sand
I wake in vain
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

Sweet desert rose
Each of her veils, a secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this

Sweet desert rose
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This desert flower
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