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Rev it up, rev it up, rev it up little boy and drive...

Interesting drive into work today.

In the hotter months I have to hose my car down before I go out. It's parked in the open so it gets the full sun and as a result gets very hot, plus what little shade it does get is because of a tree that likes shedding all over my car.

So I hose it down to cool it down and clean it off.

This morning I did my usual hose down (it's disturbing to see steam coming off the car when I do this) and then got in to the car. I put both front and rear windscreen wipers on for a bit to clear away the water and then start the drive to work.

Driving along and I see something on the far side of the windscreen out of the corner of my eye. I expect it to just be water, but a quick look disproves that theory. It was in fact a gekko sitting on the glass of the windscreen.

I've had previous times where an insect had hitched a ride on the car all the way into work, and it seemed the gekko had heard about this and decided to follow them. I kept an eye on him the whole trip but he didn't seem to have too many problems hanging on the whole way, with speeds of up to 65km/h (40mph).

I get to work and tell him that if he wants a lift back he'll have to wait until this evening, but I'll give him a lift if he wants it, but I expect he'll find a nice spot near one of the lights in the car park and just eat insects for the rest of his life.

On the drive I saw what I consider to be the worst colour for a car I have ever seen. A light, pastel pink Mitsubishi Magna.

It was the shade of pink you get on white clothing that has accidentally been washed with a red shirt. I kept of having to look at it, just to make sure it wasn't a trick of the light. Ugh!

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