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Television ramblings

Next months Foxtel guide arrived this week.

Considering how much I pay for Foxtel, I actually watch very little of it. It's not because there's not much that I want to watch, it's more that I can never remember to watch the things I want to watch.

Starting this month I'm going to start putting reminders in my Palm device, so hopefully I actually watch the stuff I want, instead of flipping channels half way through and realizing I missed it.

Anyway, the Foxtel mag is an interesting read.

The Sopranos starts on Arena Wednesday 7th. I've heard a lot of good reports about the show, so I think I'll try and give it a go. That means remembering to tape it since Wednesday is usually poker.

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda starts Saturday's, 6:30pm on Fox 8. I've heard a lot of good stories about it from Sue so I'll watch it as well. (Hmm, Kevin Sorbo in leather!). Following it is a show called Mutant X, so I'll probably watch it as well.

* Bram Stoker's Dracula premieres August 9 on Encore (9, 20 and 30 August)
* Perfect Blue on World Movies, August 2 & 3.
* Bedknobs and Broomsticks on the Disney Channel (18, 23 and 31 August)
* The Dam Busters on Fox Classics, August 18. Scott recomends this one, so I've going to try and watch it.
* Masters of the Universe staring Dulph Lundgren, premieres August 15 on Encore. Also plays 16, 23 and 24 August. And, yes it's the He-Man movie!
* Pitch Black on Showtime 10, 11, 27 and 28 August. I've been meaning to watch this for a while and never gotten around to it.
* The Secret Garden on Disney 4, 17, 18, 22, 30 and 31 August
* Titan A.E. on Showtime 11 abd 23 August.
* Toy Soldiers premieres August 7 on Encore, also on 8, 17 and 21 August.

I'm sure a number of people are going to be happy that the ESPN sport channel starts on Foxtel in September. From what I've heard it comes with either the Fox Footy channel, or the Entertainment Plus package.

Channel [V] specials:
* 15 August - Sum 41: Introduction to Destruction
* 19 August - No Doubt Music Marathon
* 26 August - Foo Fighters Live at VHQ
* 20 August - Incubus: Morning View Sessions

MusicMAX specials:
* 8 August - Behind the Music: The Police
* 9 August - Behind the Music: Elton John
* 13 August - Behind the Music: Billy Idol
* 15 August - Behind the Music: Garbage
* 18 August - Sting: Brand New Day
* 23 August - Behind the Music: Alanis Morissette
* 30 August - Behind the Music: Ricky Martin

And of course that's just the things that grab my attention. There'll also be the regular's like StarGate that I'll have to make sure I watch.

Of course I doubt very much I'll get to watch all of this, but at least I know of the things I want to watch. It's a start.

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