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I'm still standing...

Long time no update.

However, I do have a good reason. As you are probably aware, I've been on a diet of late, a diet that has been working quite well.

So far, since August 25th I have lost over 15kg (33lbs). I feel a hell of a lot better, and I'm looking a lot better as well. I also have a hell of a lot more energy than I used to, and as a result I've doing things instead of talking about things.

I started at 110kg (242lbs) and when I weighed myself last Monday (I forgot to this morning) I was 95kg (209lbs).

It's not all been good news though. Most of my clothes don't fit me any more, and since I'm eating healthily the mossie's seem to think I taste good, for the first time in my life. Oh well, such is life. :)

I haven't been live all that much of an exciting life lately, so not all that much to say.

I went to a Live concert a couple of weeks ago at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center. Rather than try and deal with the horrendous parking there (last time I was there for a concert it took me an hour to get out of the car park!) I took a taxi to it and walked home through South Bank and along the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. The concert was brilliant. I really like Live, and since this tour is supporting their greatest hits CD they did all the favourites. The support act was IOTA and the Lizardmen, and they were pretty good as well.

With Christmas coming up there has been a lot of Christmas functions in the last couple of weeks.

Friday just gone was the work Christmas Party. The party was held at The Brewhouse and Boardroom Restaurant on Grey St near South Bank. As far as I am aware, the place is run by the sister-in-law of one of the people who works here, so that's why we went there, and I must say I was very disappointed with the food.

It started at about 6ish, and while we were standing around drinking and chatting, they served finger food. Of the four types of finger food provided, three of them were just deep fried stuff (mini dim sims, spring rolls and samosa's) and the last one was marinated mini-chicken drumsticks. All the type of thing you would expect at a backyard party, not a fancy restaurant.

At 7:30 we sat down for dinner. We had three choices, chicken, fish or steak. I had the chicken, which was described as "Lemon and thyme scented corn fed chicken breast, roast tomato cous cous and a velvet supreme sauce". I was expecting a decent sized meal. What I got could have fitted onto a saucer. It was the type of thing I would expect as an entree, not a main meal.

Oh well.

I had taken a taxi to the event (I am aware how bad parking is around South Bank) and could not get a taxi when I wanted to leave (midnight on a Friday night, taxi lines were busy) so I walked home again. Took about half an hour, and it was a pleasant night.

Saturday was a Christmas BBQ/drinks at Tim and Susan's place with most of the poker crowd and a lot of the people that Tim and Daniel work with at Web Central. A nice fun day and evening.

Current plans for the future:

I have a final bit of shopping to do this week for Mum. All of my Christmas shopping is done (aren't I a good boy?) but Mum wants me to pick her up some storage boxes for her before I go so I'll pop into Kmart Tuesday night to pick them up (and hopefully won't get trampled by the Christmas shoppers).

Thursday after work I have a Chiropractor appointment so I'm all straighten out for Christmas, and on Friday morning I pick up the rental car for the drive out to St George for the last time (I'm taking Friday off work).

Glenn actually has holidays so we are actually going to be able to do Christmas as a proper family this year, instead of planning around his work schedule.

For Glenn I have a new stereo (Mum picked it up in St George for me using her employee discount, so at least that means I don't have to worry about transporting that), Mum gets an Enjo Starter Pack, Dad gets a Harry Potter box set with the first five Harry Potter books in paperback, plus Mum and Dad are getting a Mah-Jongg set and 20 movie tickets (from Glenn and I) for once they move.

I'll be driving back on the Tuesday (Boxing Day holiday) and dropping the rental car back on Wednesday morning before work. Working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then Friday night (New Years Eve) I have been invited to a party at Phil's place along with the rest of the Poker people.

In the new year, Mum and Dad are set to move sometime in mid to late January (not sure dates yet), and then I have roleplaying conventions to worry about.

Arcanacon is Thursday the 20th to Sunday the 23rd of January. I'm flying down on Wednesday the 19th and flying back on Monday the 24th (and Wednesday the 26th is the Australia Day public holiday). I'm running one game down there, called 12/1.

Conquest is on again over the Easter Long Weekend (Friday 25th March to Monday 28th March). I'm running three freeforms: Dead Reckoning, Friday Night Poker Club - Fellowship of the Rings Edition and I'm rerunning No Heir for the Throne of Amber again.

I booked flights last night. Scott and myself are flying down on Wednesday the 23rd, Scott is flying back on Thursday the 31st, and I'm staying a bit longer and flying back on Wednesday the 6th of April.

And in very long term plans, I am definitely moving. I have no idea when (hopefully soon), but they have just released plans for what they are intending to do with my area when they build the North-South Bypass Tunnel, and there is no way in hell I am staying here while they are building it, and after it's finished. Current plans show the access tunnel is going to be built right next door to me on Shafston Ave, and a new set of traffic lights in going to be built on the corner I live on which will become the new access point for all traffic coming into and out of these streets.

Add that to the fact that development approval is currently being sort for a new set of units across the road from me (89 units this time, instead of the 137 units the last development approval was for) and there is no way I am staying.

That's about it for my life at the moment.

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