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Arcanacon, here I come...

The good news is, the game is basically complete. The only things outstanding are printing it off (and that's going to take a while) and working out my script for the game introduction. I'm probably going to run out of paper before I finish printing everything, but that's only going to be due to the fact that I will be doing my usual trick of taking an extra copy of the game along with me.

I'll be able to print out everything for the two sessions I am running, and some of the spare copy, and I'll pick up some more paper to print the rest tomorrow.

Arcanacon is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (20th to 23rd of January) in Melbourne. I am running a 12 player freeform called 12/1 in sessions E and J (Session J is full). I hope to see some of you there.

The bad news is I am not sure what's happening with regard to accommodation while I'm down there.

The original intention was to crash at Stephen's place (paradigmshifty) for the duration, however, due to a universe beyond his control that may be a bit difficult. We will see what ends up happening.

For those interested, I am flying in on Qantas flight QF0621 on Wednesday the 19th, landing at 1605. I depart on Qantas flight QF0618 on Monday the 24th at 1305, landing in Brisbane at 1410.

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