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Geek Party

I'm currently at home after going to a bit of a geek party.

Chakae invited me to the birthday party of her boyfriend (another Andrew), I think he was 25.

Oh god, what a bunch of geeks. It was an interesting party.

(Peter Andre is current playing on MusicMAX. God that boy had a body!)

I ran into an old friend from Uni (Brisbane is definitely 2 degree's of separation), another Andrew who thankfully was mostly called Drew. While at Uni Drew was not the most popular of guys, being a little bit too cruel/mischievous for most people's liking, but he see's to have calmed down since. Especially since he was firmly attached to his girlfriend, and beautiful lady with a weird name that I think was something like Danka. I think.

There was also a guy who shaved his head who looked a lot like Moby. He was of the type who's ugly enough to be good looking. I had to restrain myself to not pat him on the head.

There was also a Chris (I think) who was also having a birthday, and Sara, one of Chakae's flatmates. Sara is an easy woman to spot. She's a tall, large, busty woman with bright pink hair, tattoo's around the cleavage, and enough piercing in visible places to ensure that she get's no unwanted attention.

Plus Andrew's sister (name escapes me), a Will, a Tim, a Caroline (friend of Danka), and a few other's I can't remember.

And they were all geeks!

When I left about midnight, they were watching old Goodies episodes.

Oh dear!

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