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Almost there...

I'm currently in the "pottering around, getting stuff done" stage of getting ready. Little bits and pieces of things that I want to get done before I leave.

Last night turned into a bit of a clothing discovery show. I'm currently at the wrong section of my diet. I don't have all that much in the may of clothing that I would want to be seen out in public in, but I've still got a long way to go before I'm going to do a whole heap of clothes shopping to replace all my too-big clothing.

This has made trying to pack difficult to say the least. After going through a large section of my "normal" everyday wear, and deciding that I would not want to be seen in public in that, I ended up pulling out a box I had stored a lot of old clothes in.

Most of the stuff was in this box because it was too small for me. Knowing that I had lost a lot of weight, I felt that I might be able to wear some of it again.

Sort of.

Everything in the box can be sorted into one of three piles. Some of it is still too small, but most of the stuff in this pile is only just too small. It shouldn't take long before I can wear this stuff again. A lot of it was stuff I put on to try it, and my reaction was "almost..." which is good! By the time I finish loosing all the weight I want I should be able to wear it all again.

The second pile is what fits me. A couple pairs of shorts, some pants, a number of shirts, etc. Everything in this pile went either straight into the washing machine, since I'm probably going to be taking it with me, or into the dirty clothes pile for washing later.

The third pile is the pile of stuff that doesn't fit. The issue with this pile is why they don't fit. It's not because it's too small for me, it's because it's now too big for me! Most of this was pants and shorts. Just before I started the diet I had to buy myself a few pairs of new pants for work, because my old pairs were about to die. The pants I bought were a 107cm waist. The pants have tabs and button on both sides that allow you to bring them in a size. I had to do this with the pants a while ago, I had lost enough weight.

Before buying these pants I was wearing pants with a 102cm waist. I found some of my old 102cm pairs, and thought they should fit now. They didn't. I put them on and they just about fell straight back off again. My hips are just wide enough to stop them hitting the floor, but only just.

I also found some old 97cm waist pants of mine. I tried these on, and they were slightly bigger than I like them to be, but wearing a belt would fix that problem. Everything that's in the now "too big" pile, is going to be donated to charity. I have no need for them now.

I've lost over 10cm in the waist. I'm happy.

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