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And Then... (day 2)

Friday, day two.

Woke up at 7:00am and got a lift in with Martin and Lilli (only took us 40 minutes, I was impressed).

They got themselves sorted in what games they were playing, and I had the first two sessions off (C & D), so it was more wandering around, catching up with people and buying a plush Cthullu.

Everytime I go on a trip I forget something. Usually it's not something major, but it always happens. This time I forgot my dice (not really a problem as I didn't end up using any over the convention) and any of my plush toys. I bring at least one with me to a convention (usually Attila) but this time I forgot.

So when the Mind Games stall set up on Friday morning and I noticed they had a small, plush Cthullu, I bought him!

Lunch at the canteen (in addition to there usual expansive collection of stuff) was taco's, and nice taco's they were as well.

Session E (4:00pm to 7:00pm) was the first session of my game, 12/1. I was panicking in the lead up to it, but it actually went very well. It was an experiment, and this was the first time it had actually run, so the players of that first session had a few suggestions afterwards, which I put into place for the next session the next day.

I have a list of who was in which session and who won what, but that's at home so I'll fill that in later.

After that was dinner and then Session F I was playing in my first session for the con, Of Cards and Convenience, a Regency Period freeform by Renee and Fi. I did a very stupid thing and forgot to take water up with me, so I ended up with a massive headache about half way through, but I enjoyed myself in spite of that and ended up with the Prince Regent telling me I really should marry this girl, and got permission to court here from her Chaperone. I also managed to avoid getting screwed (which is important) so I consider it a success.

Martin and Lilli ended up going home part way through the day, so I again took the train back, this time getting there about 1:00am.

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