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And Then... (day 3)

Saturday, day three.

Session G (9:00am to 12:00pm Saturday) was supposed to be the first session for Stephen running his Muppets Family X-Mess, but due to lack of numbers (a total of 2!) it didn't happen. Stephen went out for the first session anyway, just to catch up with people, and I got a lift in with him.

Session H (1:00pm to 4:00pm) I was playing in The First Dance: Death, and Exalted game by Simon (punk_rock_nerd). It was fun. I played Zula, and Mik (evil man) played The Shadow Matrix. The person playing The Minstrel Resplendent in Melancholy Tears played far too well and we all wanted to kill him on a regular basis.

Putting me and Mik in the same session was probably a bad idea on Simon's part as we ended up breaking him three times. :)

As for the game, it was good. Simon has a very good way with words, and all he needs to work on is his nervousness. For a first con game he did very well, and I can see a very good con GM in the making.

After lunch (was that the stirfry or the potatoes? I can't remember. They were good though) in Session I was The Maiden of Gears, a Iron Kingdoms freeform (D&D steampunk) by Ben Leong and Louise Zanon. Again, I had fun (which is the most important thing from my perspective).

A few problems/words of advice:
  • The alocated room was not big enough for that many people. Nothing they could do about it, but it's something to note for next time.

  • Another GM would have been good. A couple times sections of the game had to halt simply because there weren't enough GM's to go around

  • Differentiation of characters: I didn't even some of the characters were 9 foot tall trolls until after the game was over. Doing up name badges before hand with the non-humans listing their race/description would have probably been a good idea.

  • There wasn't enough plot to all the characters. I talked over with some other players afterwards, and a number of the commented on being light on goals and things to do.

I was playing a romantic scholar from the Kindom of Khador (I think). Think of Khador as siberia, and you aren't far off. The Khadorans are very pragmatic and practical with strength and certainty being the most important. I was playing an Artist, and he didn't want to be in Khador. To make matters worse, he had just discovered the joys of love at first sight when he saw the lovely bodyguard of one of the E (can't actually remember the countries name) princes across the room.

So by the end of the game, he had defected and had married the lovely lady (played by seedy_girl). All in all a successful night. The fact that the country of E was about to get wiped out by the Khadoran invasion force was beside the point. :)

Session J (8:00pm to 11:00pm) was the final running of my game. I incorporated some of the suggestions from the first session into this one, and the game ran better for it. The players in this session also came up with a few suggestions as well.

Then it was home with Martin and Lilli, getting in a lot earlier this time.

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