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Into the shadows

My Shadowrun game ran last night, and it went well. Which is really good, as I was fearing it was going to fold.

The game started sometime ago (maybe 6 months) but last night was only the 4th session.

It started out with Anne, Holly, Elspeth, Tim and Brandon all saying they wanted to be in it. Characters were mostly sorted out, and then Brandon came down with the Peruvian Death Flu (Glandular Fever, I think) meaning he was out of action for a very long time. While I will run a five player game with only four of the players there, all it took was one of the other players to not be able to make it for some reason, and the game wasn't on.

The previous game was on the 6th of January, which was Holly's last session as a regular, due to the fact she was going to be moving to West Wyalong two days later since that was where Lester (her partner) had to go for his new job. This cut the game down to four player.

The next session would have been two weeks later on the 20th, but I was in Melbourne at the time for Arcanacon so it didn't happen then.

In the meantime Nathan and a friend of his, Daniel said they would like to play, so the game is now up to six players, with the occasional guest appearance from a seventh.

All six were there last night (eventually) and it was the first time for the two new characters to be thrown into the mix. It was messy. Lots of inter-party bickering, giving the cyborg killing machine hallucinogenic drugs, Lone Star out for their hide, none of their friends talking to them, lots of bad luck and bad choices (and bad memories).

However, they did eventually give the idol to the dragon like they were supposed to. I'm not finished with them yet, of course, but they will discover that next session.

The party is:
  • Ethan Travers (played by Brandon) - A cold, emotionless gun toting physical adept, originally from Denver. When he turned 18 his parents gave him a pair of guns and told him to go find his place in the world, and promptly threw him out of home. He occasionally goes back home for visits, but never when there's more than one of the children visiting (he get's his gun toting tendencies from both parents).

  • Jamie Vicious (played by Elspeth) - A young female punk elf Physical Adept, an old school friend of Ethan's, who was causing a great deal of trouble in Denver. As a result her parents, who were good friends with Ethan's parents, sent he to live with Ethan in Seattle. Jamie wasn't given a choice about this, and was knocked unconscious and sent to him in a box. As a result Jamie was sleeping on Ethan's couch.

  • Linderman Leavesbury (guest appearances by Holly) - Another elf, this time a male Cat Shaman from merry old England. Ethan and Linderman were flat mates after Linderman answered an advertisement for a "cleaner", which was Lindermans speciality (Sterilize is a wonderful spell).

  • Ema Nymton (played by Anne) - Read the characters name backwards, and you get a glimpse of the character. Ema woke up about 8 months ago wearing nothing more than a sun dress, holding two heavy pistols and having no idea who she was. Her immediate reaction to this was to pull the triggers. This resulted in her next door neighbour (Ethan) firing back. Once the little misunderstanding was sorted out, and the holes in the wall were replaced with a door between the two apartments, she became good friends with them. Ema is a heavily cyborged individual with flashback and has only just recently discovered she's magically active and is very confused about it. Word of advise: Don't take amnesia and let me work out who you are. :)

  • Miles Eriksen (played by Tim) - Miles and his parents were in a car crash when he was young. His parents were killed, and after a large amount of suing all over the place, Miles had the best medical care that money could buy. Much cyberwear was used to rebuild the broken and battered body of Miles, and then he discovered he was magically active. As a result we have a Hermetic Mage who is also the groups rigger, who uses a hovering wheelchair to get around most places. Miles was the other next door neighbour of Ethan and Co, and when the money started running out, he turned to Shadowrunning to survive.

  • Julius and Xavier (Played by Nathan and Daniel, respectively) - Twins, Julius and Xavier went to the same school as Ethan and Jamie in Denver up until about the age of 14 where they disappeared. Their parents were high ranking Humanis Policlub (for those who don't know, think KKK but instead of hating blacks, they hate all the non-human races) members, so when the twins Goblinized into Orcs just before they turned 14, their parents had them disappear. After a lengthy hospital stay where people were trying to 'cure' them of their condition (using any means necessary) the two boys decided to run away, get in contact with a reporter and blackmail their parents into giving them their inheritance or there would be an interesting newspaper article. After surviving a number of assassination attempts and causing all sorts of troubles, they decided to leave Denver (after attempting to get all their enemies to kill each other; they almost succeeded) and go to Seattle and catch up with their old friend Ethan. Julius is a Gargoyle Shaman, and Xavier is another Physical Adept.</i>

You may notice that all the characters are magically active (even when they didn't think they were). I tend to the big games where they character will most likely end up saving the world at least once, and in the Shadowrun world magically active characters are better for that.

The previous session Ethan, Jamie, Linderman and Ema got a little job. Their employer was a Raven Shaman who was selling an item, and wanted a little bit of body to back him up.

The characters go to the location with their employer, and things start going wrong. They people he is meeting don't seem to be the people who thought he was meeting, so instead of taking the briefcase with him, he gives it to Linderman (handcuffs it to his arm) first. He starts chatting with the other party when the meeting is interrupted by a Lone Star SWAT tank busting in on them.

Their employer is shot by the other party (single shot to the head; dead) and the character run away. Once they regroup they are left with a briefcase. Inside the briefcase is a carved wooden box, and inside the box is an ominous idol.

Pretty soon they discover that their reputation is gone to shit and Lone Star is after them. They eventually hear about Trixy, someone who seems to know something about the idol and go and see her. The session ends after meeting her and being told to come back later after she has a chance to think about things.

Last nights session begins with Julius and Xavier getting into Seattle and going to the address they have for Ethan and discovering a smoking crater (the apartment block was blown up in Session 2, and the characters have moved to a new address). After a painful use of the phone (both characters have the flaw Sensitive Neural Systems making using the phone a sickening experience) they get Ethan's number, and then ring it (with another painful use of the phone) and get his message service.

Eventually they remember that summoning a spirit and getting the spirit to find either Ethan or Jamie would have probably been a bit easier, so they do that and get in contact with Jamie. A meeting is arranged at a bar near the house.

Of course Elspeth (and therefore Jamie) had forgotten the amount of trouble they were currently in. This resulted in them not being allowed in the bar (their reputations were shot) and Julius and Xavier being thrown out of it, and a large percentage of Lone Star being hot on the trail of their van (it's got a hippy paint job thanks to Linderman, so it stands out).

After much inter-party bickering they eventually decide that Julius and Xavier will go back to the house and meet up with Ethan (who didn't come with them) and get the idol off him and try and get rid of it (by selling it). They eventually discover that the house wasn't being watched (it's the van they knew, not the house) so they retreat back to the house while Julius and Xavier do their thing.

About that point I remember that they have an appointment with Trixy, so I remind them about it. There were a lot of "I remember" expressions on people faces, and a lot of swearing as well. After sending a whole heap of watchers back and forth (after Miles and Jamie came to blows over a misunderstanding) they eventually meet back at Trixys place once the twins extricate themselves from the Blackjack game they were in (they both have serious Blackjack addictions, something I intend to have fun with).

Trixy's words were quite simple. "It's old, it's very dangerous, it's already got a hold of all of you. You need to destroy it. The only being powerful enough to do that is a dragon. You need to find a dragon and ask it to do this service for you."

The characters were not impressed.

They went to the only dragon they could find in Seattle, and ask this service of him. He studied the idol, and eventually agreed, ending the session.

Of course I'm not finished with them yet, there's still a lot more on this one to go!

I hope I haven't bored anyone with the game recount, but I was quite impressed by how well it went and had to boast!


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Feb. 3rd, 2005 09:47 pm (UTC)
This sounds a little like a variant on "Bottled Demon" - a FASA-era module I was going to run for my players...but won't now since I know they read your journal and they'll find the plot oddly familiar :P

Sounded like a great game though - and all the magically active characters...woa.

Feb. 3rd, 2005 10:31 pm (UTC)
Actually, it is Bottled Demon, modified to suit my tastes. Sorry about ruining it for your players though. :)

I have an archive of a lot of Shadowrun books (adventures and sourcebooks) that I'm going to be using bits and pieces of for my game.

Do you want PDF copies of any of them?
Feb. 4th, 2005 05:04 am (UTC)
I've got heaps of the old PDFs - we should compare libraries and see what we can do for each other... perhaps via email.
Feb. 4th, 2005 06:07 am (UTC)
Sounds like a good plan. Email me at halloranelder@livejournal.com.
Feb. 5th, 2005 07:30 pm (UTC)
other games going?
well from one dm to another i can tell you i need to play with a new group for a while. i'm running a d&d friday nights and just lost 3 players in 2 weeks to bad timing and the like. if your up for playing please drop me a line we play friday nights from about 7 to 10. lots of beginers so feel free. but also if your players down in a game( uncertin howmany you run a week, i would certainly enjoy playing again for a while. curse
Feb. 6th, 2005 01:40 am (UTC)
Re: other games going?

I'm currently not playing in anything, so joining a game might not be a bad idea. I've never actually played D&D (yes, it is possible) so I probably should give the system a run. Count me in.

Currently the only game I am running is the Shadowrun game, and with 6 players with occastional guest appearances from a 7th I think I would class it as full.

However, I am thinking of running some more games (I have a very over-active imagination) so I will keep you in mind when I decide. What sort of games are you interested in?
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