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Didn't get a weekend last weekend. Instead I was in at work for most of it.

We had decided that the computer network needed a major overhaul, and the only time that could be done was a weekend. Since I was the one who new the most about the network, and I was also the one most likely to be able to fix things if they broke, I was the lucky individual given the job.

This was good news in that I spent the weekend in air conditioned comfort, plus while I was waiting for computers to do stuff I was able to do whatever I wanted (so I did some Shadowrun research), and I was getting paid for it!

The bad news was that I didn't get a weekend, and at the moment I'm on my 11th day straight.

Not feeling all that good at the moment. My back and neck are playing up badly. I had a chiropractor appointment on Tuesday afternoon, but other bits started hurting the moment I walked out of there, so I have another one tonight. This modifies my plans for this weekend a bit.

Mum and Dad moved last weekend. The removalists came in Sunday morning and packed everything up, Mum and Dad drove to Dalby and spent the night there (about half way) and then they went the rest of the way Monday, and the removalists left St George for the entire trip on Monday.

This evening I was supposed to be driving up to their new place after work, but that's now been delayed until tomorrow morning.

I'll be staying up there until Sunday evening, and then coming home.

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