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Panic stations begin...

The panic has started.

This time in four weeks I will be in Melbourne again, about to go to Conquest for my sixth year in a row (that in itself worries me). Which means that I have less than four weeks to have all three games I am running ready and able.

One game (No Heir for the Throne of Amber) is a rerun, so all I have to do is go over it some time for spelling mistakes (which I am still finding) and print everything off. No problem.

The panic is somewhat ameliorated by the fact the second game (Friday Night Poker Club - Fellowship of the Rings Edition) is completely written. I still need to work out props (poker chips and the tablecloths mostly) which is going to be annoying, but that's not going to be too much of a problem.

Now I just have to get the characters for the third game (Dead Reckoning) to stop dancing about my head and cooperate!

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