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Busy, busy, busy...

Busy weekend.

Played World of Warcraft on Friday night.

Got up Saturday morning and puttered around the house. Played about 2 hours more of World of Warcraft when I was only intending to walk into the computer room to get a notepad to write up a shopping list. Wrote up the shopping list. Went into the Myer in the city and bought the best birthday presents for Will and Byron (Jelly shot glasses, and no, that is not shot glasses filled with jelly, that's shot "glasses" made of jelly). Then went to Kmart and picked up another 3kg weight (already had one, and wanted another because I prefer doing the exercises with both sides at once so I don't feel off balance). Then did all the shopping I was intending to do. Then went home and did a lot of baking (home made Monte Carlo's, triple-choc muffins and banana chop-chip muffins) and watered the lawn in between times. Then shaved my head and took the baking and the presents to Will's place for their combined 27th birthday. The theme this year was that you had to wear a hat, so I wore my Air Force uniform hat. Left there sometime after one, and went home to bed.

This morning I got up and filled up Jeff on the way to greenglowgrrl's place, picked her up and went back home. Scott arrived, and the three of us when to Sexpo. Wandered around there for almost six hours. I bought a calendar (because I felt I had to after chatting with and perving on the guy who did the calendar - more information here) there, but other than that it was perving and looking at the stalls and generally having fun. We got back to my place and sat around and chatted while I got motivated and did some cleaning, and then Scott went home while I dropped the green one back at here place. There I chatted with the Tupperwearwolf (bodgirl) and got a Tupperwear catalogue off her, and two shirt and a vest, while watching Mungojerry be himself.

Then back home, where I did the dishes and finally rescued the kitchen from looking like a disaster after my baking yesterday.

I really should be in bed because I have to be up at about 7 in the morning when the guy who's installing the new clothes line (yay!) arrives.

Night all.

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