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Hair there be weirdo's

I've had a lot of compliments about my hair, which I am finding a bit odd. :)

It all came about due to the fact that I was rather pissed off with my hair. My hair is very fine and as a result almost impossible to style without using lots of mousse, gel or whatever, something I don't like doing. For many years I've had a flat top, which looks good for the first few days after getting it, but then my hair goes back to looking like a ball of fluff.

And to be perfectly honest, a large part of the reason behind the flat top was in the hope that in meant my face didn't look as fat as it was.

After loosing all this weight, I decided that since I no longer suffered from fat face, I was going to shave it all off, that way I didn't have to care about it any more (plus I have been told that I have a good head shape for that sort of hair style). However, since Byron and Will's party was on Saturday, rather than just shaving it all off I decided to just shave the sides and back and leave the top as a mohawk for the party, and shave the rest of it off before work on Monday.

Then I decided I liked it, and as a result I've kept it. So far everyone who's seen it has liked it, and I've had a number of people say that it suits me, and looks good on me. Wandering around Sexpo on Sunday with the green one (greenglowgrrl) and Scott was interesting as a result. One stand was selling sunglasses, and I tried on a few, and a number of them looked really good with the new hair. Didn't buy any, but that was mainly because I want to wait as long as possible before buying new clothes, etc, as I want to lose as much weight as possible before I do.

Caused my chiropractor to do a double take when I went in for an adjustment last night too.

There is one image that I am looking forward to doing. Suit and tie, sunglasses and the mohawk. Should look good! When I do it, I'll post photo's.

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