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Yes, well...

I am well aware that a lot of you have much more hellacious commutes than I do. I know, I used to have an hour and a half commute each way here in Brisbane (and I never want to do that again!) which dropped down to 45 minutes each way once I got my car. That wasn't what I was complaining about.

What I was complaining about was that it took over 45 minutes to go 2 km, over four times the standard. Four times!

One of the reasons I live so close to the city is because I don't like dealing with rush hour (or rush hours) traffic, so I only have to deal with as little of it as possible. If I was living further out (as I have in the past) I would expect longer commutes and worse traffic.

What I don't expect is the commute time to jump by four, for no apparent reason. There were no bad accidents, nothing out of the ordinary. Traffic was just bad, because it was bad. That's what pissed me off.

I went out to Will's place for Wednesday night games, and when I went through (about quarter past seven) traffic along Coronation Drive going into the city and onto the Riverside Expressway was backed up all the way back to the Towoong intersection. No one knows why.

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