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Panic levels dropping...

I'm still panicking though.

A week and a half till I fly down, less than two till the actual convention, so of course I am panicking.

However, all the living characters for Dead Reckoning as written, and I've completed the first two of the dead ones, meaning I'm at half way of the character sheets. I've also written out the rules sheets, plus a brief history of the town it's set in, but an overview of the US - Mexico War (don't ask) but most of that was swiped from the web anyway.

More importantly I understand what I am doing now. The characters are no longer running around willy-nilly, individuals all, but are instead well understood parts of a whole.

It's gone from "Will I get this finished in time?" to "Will I get this finished in time to my standard?" to "I will get this finished in time to a high standard, but will I have enough time to do everything else I want to do before I leave?"

Strangely enough, the 10 living characters I have done have been the hardest. The two dead characters I've done were easier to write (but took a lot longer, due to there being a lot more information) than all the living one. I think I know why.

The game revolves around the dead characters. They are the entire reason for the game. As a result, they have been developing in my head for a long time (since Conquest last year, as a matter of fact) and are almost complete before they even make it to paper.

The living characters I didn't even worry about for the most part until I actually started writing them down, so as a result I am inventing them as I write them, making them a lot harder to do.

Back to writing dead people...

paradigmshifty, are you going to be an assistant GM for me? Scott is, and I was wondering about you? For both Dead Reckoning and No Heir I think I'm going to want extra.

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