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A favour please...

It's gotten to the point where I have to buy more clothes. I'm not at my final weight yet, but there is no way the clothes I have now are going to be able to be worn as I loose more weight.

I'm right for casual stuff though. I've been going through boxes of clothes that I had stored and a lot of them are stuff that fits me now, so they have been going into the wardrobe. Some of the stuff is now too big for me, so that lot has been going into the pile I'm donating to Lifeline.

The problem is the dressier clothes. I've never been much for dressing up, mainly because I've never been comfortable enough with the way I look to make the effort, but now I'm getting to the stage where I am comfortable with my appearance. So, a little bit of an investment in some good clothes (not too much at the moment, I'll do the big shop when I reach my target) sounds like a good idea.

Then it hit me. Why should I buy new clothes here? I'm about to spend two weeks in Melbourne, and Melbourne is the place for clothes in Australia.

So, I'd like to ask a favour of the Melbourne readers (and other people who are going to be down there while I'm there). Can you take me clothes shopping? I don't know where to go, and I don't know what's good and what isn't, so help from natives and/or people who know clothes would be good.


Plus I value your opinions, so that would help me get used to the fact I'm not as ugly as I seem to think.

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