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Paper, paper, everywhere...

I keep forgetting between conventions how much paper I go through when I'm doing up a game.

I sat down yesterday and went through No Heir for the Throne of Amber for spelling mistakes, typo's and the like and then started printing the game off. (As a small aside, I've run the game a number of time over the last 6 years, and I only discovered last night that I've had Deirdre's name spelt wrong the entire time! I did a bit of a check and found out that the Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game book spells it wrong as Dierdre, which is why I had it wrong the entire time.)

The game is 13 characters. Each character has a character sheet (2 or 3 pages each) plus everyone has a common handout with the back story, common rules, a glossary of terms and the like, which is four pages.

I'm running two sessions, so I take three copies of everything (paranoia is wonderful). So that's 4 pages x 13 characters x 3 copies or 156 pages, plus 35 pages of character sheets x 3 copies or 105 pages, for a total of 261 pages. And that's just one game!

Friday Night Poker Club - Fellowship of the Ring Edition is also complete, and just needs printing out. 9 character sheets of one or two pages (total for all nine is 12 pages) isn't very much, but...

I could potentially be running up to 6 games (two sessions, up to three game running concurrently each session), so that's 72 pages if I don't bring spares.

However, that doesn't include the poker rules (a ten page document) that I bring as well. If I choose to print out one per player (8 players per game, 6 game) that would be 480 pages on it's own. I'll probably not do that many copies. I'm not sure at this point how many copies I'll bring.

Plus there is also another document (don't ask, play the game and you'll find out) which is 31 pages, and I will probably bring along a couple copies of it, just in case.

Dead Reckoning is going well. There are 10 living beings (each character sheet is only a single page) and 14 ghosts (character sheets are at least 2 pages each, one goes up to 4, and they're not finished yet), and I'm estimating they will be about 30 to 35 pages in the end. Plus the living characters have an extra page of rules (for an extra 10 pages) while the ghosts have an extra 3 pages each of rules (42 pages there). Plus 9 of the 10 living characters also have a 6 page handout of the History of the place they will be in (there's another 54 pages) plus one of the living characters has a 24 page handout of some of the information that the character knows of the history of the area. Plus there will also be other handouts that will be given out during the game, depending on the circumstances.

There's a minimum of 170 pages, just for a single game. I am running two Sessions of it, so I will most likely bring three copies of everything, just in case.

Of course, these numbers don't include the couple of pages per game for the sign on sheet, name badges, and the like.

There's a reason why I'm trying to print out as much of this as possible at work, and not on my printer at home!

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