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Well, the character sheets are, anyway. There's a little bit of organising to do with game mechanics stuff, but the main chunk of the work is done.

I just hope it all works. Then again, I say that before every game I run, and I will probably say that before every game I ever run in the future, but meh!

Did a little bit of shopping today. I now have in excess of 2400 poker chips in the house, enough to run three simultaneous games of Friday Night Poker Club - Fellowship of the Rings Edition. I don't think I'm going to have enough players to need to worry about that (at the moment the two sessions are at 9 players and 7 players respectively, and each game takes up to eight players), but I did say I was able to run up to that many, so I'm going to make sure I have enough props to do it anyway.

I also bought 12 packs of cards as well for that game.

Also today I bought a new shirt (I only had three good shirts for wearing the vests over, so I splashed out and bought a new one in my new size. Yay me!) plus I went to Spotlight to get some more green felt to make another table cloth for the poker game. Unfortunately they were out of the felt I wanted, so that didn't happen.

I have two green felt tablecloths, so I may not need the third. We'll see.

No Heir for the Throne of Amber is currently booked at 4 and 14 for the two sessions. The second session is overbooked (maximum 13 players), and I shouldn't have a problem getting enough players for the first session.

Dead Reckoning, the game that I have been panicking so much about, is currently booked for 14 and 10 players for the two sessions. It's for 12 to 24 players, so I shouldn't have any problems with them either. I hope.

Now, just to print everything off (hopefully I can do most of it at work) and pack everything I need. Wonderful. I'm glad Qantas has luggage limits of 32kg, unlike the 20kg limits that Virgin Blue has.

I will be arriving in Melbourne on the afternoon of the 23rd with Scott. We will probably make our way directly to the hotel before going anywhere else. Scott flies back Thursday the 31st, while I stay until Wednesday the 6th.

I feel stuffed.

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