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Welcome to the house of chaos

My house is an absolute disaster at the moment.

I have been intending to move out for a while, but time and money have been holding me back.

About a month ago I ran into Nicole and Perrin in at the cafe near work when I had to meet draquin there. We had a bit of a chat, and they mentioned their lease was due shortly. I mentioned that I was thinking of moving myself.

Nicole's immediate reaction was to ask if she could have my house.

Nicole and Perrin used share this house with me, but I could not tolerate them both in the house (Nicole on her own I had no problems with, but with Perrin as well I just about lost it) so they moved out. Nicole fell in love with the house when she originally moved in, and that hasn't changed.

So, what's happened is that Nicole and Perrin have moved back in. They start a new lease here on Wednesday, and I'm on holidays for two weeks. Once I get back I will start looking for a new place for myself, and hopefully move out within two to four weeks of getting back.

Meanwhile I will have gotten my bond back from this place by then, plus I will be sharing the bills with Nicole and Perrin, so I'll be spending a lot less money.

However, the problem is that there is currently far too much stuff in this house. I tend to collect stuff, and so does Nicole, and she's picked up a lot of furniture in the 18 months since she moved out (she had to furnish her own place, instead of using mine after all).

It currently looks like the furniture has been breeding. We currently have 5 fridges, 6 couches, 5 tables, a dozen dining room chairs and lots and lots of stuff!

It gets worse though. Nicole and Perrin have already worked out that they are going to be sharing this place with another couple, friends of theirs. Four people splitting the cost of this place makes the $320 a week (up from $300 a week for me) very reasonable.

Unfortunately, Tom and Crystal's lease expires on the 27th, so they are moving in over Easter. There is not enough room to do that in the house at the moment, so they will either be moving into the back shed (something to avoid if we can help it) or possibly the front room temporarily until I move out. They will be bringing (at the very least) another fridge and couch!


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