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It's official

Nicole and Perrin wandered down to the Real Estate this morning and signed the paperwork. As of tomorrow, it's no longer my house and is instead their house and I will be there guest.

Rent is going to be dropped temporarily from the $320 on the lease to $310 for a while, because the company who are building the new block of units across the road are putting an advertising sign up in front of this place.

They found out an interesting tidbit of information as well. I was always under the impression that the half-block next door to my place on the corner was council property, but it seems it's actually owned by the same guy who owns the house. Interesting.

I hired some storage space at Indooropilly this morning, and I'm going to start moving some of the boxes I already have packed into there tonight, that way there's more room for Perrin and Nicole (and me for that matter). $121 a month isn't too bad.

I'm tired.

This time tomorrow the plane will be just about to take off. I can't wait.

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