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Done with the printing, now with the packing...

Finished the last of the printing off today at work. As far as I can tell I think I went through two reams of paper. Ugh! I question my sanity when I keep doing these sorts of things.

All that's left to do is cut out the name badges, etc, do up the envelopes (some things are going to be in envelopes to be handed to certain characters at certain times) and work out the best method for transporting this mound of paper to Melbourne.

And I need to pack for the trip.

Also needing to be done is putting the garbage out, packing away more of my stuff at home that isn't needed, work out where we're putting Nicole's computer so she can use it while I'm not here, transport some of the packed boxes to storage, show Nicole or Perrin how to use the storage place so they can put stuff of mine in storage for me while I'm away, shave and a hair cut, do some washing, type up Mum's Banana Bread recipe and send it to one of the guys at work, and get enough sleep so I can get to the airport in time tomorrow.

I hate the lead up to holidays. So much to do.

This time tomorrow, I'll be in Melbourne! Happy about that!

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