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1. Post a list of 10 TV fandoms/shows you follow (current or cancelled!)
2. Have your friends list guess your favorite CHARACTER from each show
3. When guessed bold the line and write a sentence about why you like that character
4. Post in your own livejournal.

1) Babylon 5
2) Reboot
3) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
4) Buffy - And it's Spike, first guessed by punk_rock_nerd. Two reason: firstly, he's cute, and secondly, I can't help but like the "bad guy" who ended up turning into one of the good guys.
5) Angel
6) Stargate
7) Sapphire and Steel
8) Dr Who
9) Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Only got nine cause I can't think of 10 shows I like. I don't watch that much TV. :)

I won't be dealing with these until I get home tomorrow.

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