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Not fucking happy

I get home from work and I'm doing the initial stuff I do when I get home (putting my lunchbox away, putting the cold-block back in the freezer and getting my dinner into the microwave) and Nicole comes up to me with "something that effects us all."

It seems that Shane, a friend of theirs from NZ is coming over for a visit on Friday.

My immediate reaction was "Not in this house, we haven't got enough room as it is!"

Nicole manages to guilt me into it ("He doesn't have anywhere else to stay, it's only for the weekend, he's suffering from depression and this is his attempt into doing something about it, etc") so my spare sofa bed will be moved into the lounge room for the weekend so he has somewhere to sleep.

Then Nicole has the nerve to give me a talking to because I "gave her an order" and didn't "negotiate".

Piss off bitch!

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