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I put an application on a place today.

A little bit more than I was hoping to spend, but still within my budget.

I was paying $300 a week at this place, and the new place I've put the application in for is $280 a week. I was hoping I'd find a nice place for $250 a week or less, but I think that was just me being an optimist.

Polished wood floors through most of it, tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Under-cover parking for three cars, not lock up though. Small back yard which I wanted, but not enough to be a hassle. Screens on most of the windows, so having the cats isn't going to be a problem (I'm getting a pair of cats after I move).

It's a bit smaller than this place, but that was kind of expected. This place is huge for the price and location.

And it's in Indooroopilly, so it will be much easier to visit people.

I hope I get it. If I do I will be getting keys on the 3rd, probably moving in on the 7th or 8th.

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