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Update time...

Well, this weekend (a long weekend in Queensland) was The Big Weekend, Brisbane's only real Roleplaying convention.

Overall, my general feeling of the convention would be "sparse". According to the organizers, there were about 350 people present. It didn't feel like it.

At the Melbourne conventions I've been to you get a much better feel of the people there. During the breaks between sessions you get a lot of people in the rego hall chatting and being social. You don't seem to get that in Brisbane. People go and play their game and then disappear the moment it's over.


I had fun, and it was nice to catch up on a lot of people I don't see all that often, but it feels so different compared to Conquest and Arc.

Also on Saturday night was paxford's birthday dinner at the Mongolian BBQ Restaurant. Fun, and it was good to catch up with people.

This morning I went to the real estate office, paid the bond and got the keys! I start moving in tonight.

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