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And now this!

Jeff's playing up.

Got into Jeff last night and turned the key and nothing happened. After a bit of an argument with him (and some problems with the immobiliser) I eventually got him started and got home. I had to go out again later to do some shopping and he started fine so I didn't think anything of it.

This morning I get in and turn the key and again nothing happens.

I figure this is going to be a regular occurrence, so I ring Marshall Batteries for a replacement (engine isn't even turning over, so it sounds like the batteries dead to me).

Marshal guy arrives, and after a brief inspection he works out the battery isn't dead (though it's four years old, so probably will need to be replaced soon) but one of the terminal connectors is broken, so it's not connecting correctly. He wiggles it a bit and Jeff starts fine.

The connector is not something that he can replace and there is no way he wants to remove the connector with it already broken if it's not going to be replaced so for the moment we leave it.

However, I know now that if this happens again (which is most likely) to just wiggle the connector and try again.

I had already planned to put Jeff in for a service in about a month or so after I moved and got settled in the new place (and the financial situation is looking better) and this just makes it a definite.

Why does this sort of stuff happen when I can't afford it?

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