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I HATE this fucking computer

I was working away quite happily, here, and I started getting some weird behavior from Outlook Express. I decided not to risk it fucking up on me, so I shut everything down I could, and did a restart.

Computer restarts, blue screens straight away, restarts again, boots into safe mode. I reboot again, it comes up with a missing VXD message, reboots again, and boots into what looks like safe mode again.

I do a check through the system, and can't find anything wrong, so I reboot again. This time it boots fine, but boots to 640x480 with 16 colours. According to the display adapter properties my only choices are 640x480 at 16million colours, or 1024x768 at 256 colours.

Considering that I'm usually at 1152x864 with 16million colors, that's not good enough. I choose 640x480 at 16million colours, and then am forced to reboot.

Then, and only then do I get the full display adaptor options.

Something inside this computer is fucked. I don't know what it is, but if it's not careful I am going to throw it out a window shortly.

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