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I woke up this morning in much better shape than I feared I would be. Usually when I skip a night without taking one of the anti-inflammatory's I feel stiff and sore all over the next morning.

I have a feeling it may be the weather.

It was a lot warmer today that it has been the past few days. I'm currently wandering around the house with shorts and t-shirt on, and neither of the heaters on. Plus when I went to the gym I didn't need a jumper for the walk down.

Just in case I'm going to put one of the heaters in my room while I sleep, and hopefully the warmth should mean I get a decent sleep. I'm going to need it. I've got to see one of the company directors (Dianne) tomorrow, about a project I'm going to be working on.

Now, Dianne is a lovely lady, but she still thinks in terms of DOS and DBase II!

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