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Hail follow up...

To answer a few questions, yes I'm all right.

For those who know the Brisbane suburbs:

We got a call from the big boss who was at home in Chelmer about the storms coming through about 5:45 yesterday evening.

The storms went through Chelmer, Taringa and Milton before going slight north of the city centre and continuing along to Virginia and I don't know where from then.

I was at work still when the call came through, so we all decided to stay back a bit longer and wait. I usually don't leave until later than most of the rest of them, so it didn't worry me.. The hail hit here (Spring Hill) about 6 or so, but had passed us by 6:15 when I left.

The drive home was interesting to say the least. Bad weather always makes the drive home slower, and in this case that's probably a good thing. Report on the radio said that Countess St as it goes under the railway lines near Roma St was closed because there was about half a meter of ice bogging it up.

There was ice on the side of the road in most places from the city to Indooroopilly, and large sections of ice still on the road in places. The bit that people drove on were clear, but outside those tracks was still a fairly large pile of ice in some places.

I had to go out again later to Albion via the Inner City Bypass, and it was spooky. The amount of ice around the place was causing a bit of a fog, and it was collecting in the hollows along the way. Driving along the ICB with very few other cars on the road, I felt like I wasn't in Brisbane.

It was cool.

The hail itself was pea sized, so no real major damage. Some homes out of power for a little while after the storm, and shredded tree's and the like, but that was about it.

Driving in to work this morning (about 11 or so) there was still piles of ice in some places, most noticeably in the parks in the areas shaded by trees.

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