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Good and bad

It was a good weekend for getting stuff done.

Pay day Saturday. I get week a week behind, so what I got on Saturday was the pay for the week of the 9th to the 15th, the week I moved. I lost one day to the move, but I did work late on Friday, so I was paid for just over 4 days work.

So, Saturday morning I sat down at the computer and paid the rent and a lot of bills, and was mostly broke again in short order. However, I'm almost caught up on the bills (I got behind as a result of the move) so everything should be back to normal in a financial sense by next week.

I also had to pay my storage bill for the next month, so I went down there and paid it, and while I was at it also went to the storage until and pulled out a car load. I specifically went for boxes marked "Kitchen" as there were a few things I was missing.

So, I have found the tea spoons (yay!) and the base for the kettle (big yay!) so no more troubles when offering someone a cup of tea. The Green One (greenglowgrrl) came over for a visit Thursday night and make her a cup of tea and me a cup of hot chocolate involved me ferreting underneath the house to turn the gas line on, finding the one pot I happened to have in the house at the time, discovering the lighter was out of fuel and having to use matches, and then lots of confusion as we tried to work out why the stove wouldn't light until we worked out that we had to wait for the air to be flushed out of the pipes before the gas could actually be lit.

So, now I have the kettle, so that won't be a problem. :)

Scott turned up, and we wandered over to Indooroopilly shopping centre for a while. Scott was looking for some of the Star Wars Lego Mini's in the Toyworld there (there are two sets of four, and he's missing one out of each of course) and I had a bit of basic shopping to do. Things to pick up: New lighter for the stove, water filters so I can start using the water filter again and not have to resort to drinking foul tasting tap water, and laundry powder.

I've done a hell of a lot of washing of late, since I had to sort through all my clothes anyway as a result of the move (new wardrobe is smaller than the old one) I figured I may as well wash everything and then work out what fits me and what doesn't. The answer is most things don't.

Then a quick visit to the hardware store to pick up some stoppers for the legs of the dining chairs. I bought the chairs in the dining room the same time I bought the couches. They were cheap chairs (about $30 each I think) and a simply metal tubing frame with fabric seat and back, but better than the plastic chairs I had been using up to then. The problem was that they had cheap plastic stops in the leg ends for the chair to rest on, and most of them had broken.

On carpet that wasn't really a problem (especially with the industrial carpet tiles of the old house) but on polished wood floors in the new house it was. I didn't want to scratch the floor. I wasn't 100% sure on the size of the tubing (I probably should have measured it before hand) so I bought two sets of stops in each of the two sizes I thought it might be. Got home and found out which one it was, then removed the old ones out of two of the chairs and replaced them with the new ones. So I have two chairs at the dining room table now which means I no longer have to eat in the kitchen.

I'll return the wrong sized ones (probably tomorrow) and swap them for another four sets of the right size and fix up the rest of the chairs.

The rest of Saturday feeding some cats, watching Dr Who and playing World of Warcraft (evil game that it is).

Sunday was more domestic stuff. I have decided to move the computer into the front bedroom instead of the bad one. My original plan was to have the spare single bed in the computer room, and have the queen bed in the other room as the spare room. This meant that the computer room had to be the back one (the bigger of the two rooms) because I couldn't fit the single bed and computer desks into the smaller front room.

However, I have decided that I don't need the single bed there. I have five beds (my main queen size bed, the old queen size bed that it replaced, two single beds (one in pieces) and the sofa bed) and with the sofa bed and the spare queen available I really doubt that the single bed is going to be used.

The plan to move the computers is going to take a little time. Firstly I have to move enough of the furniture out of the front room for me to fit the computer desks into it (when I moved I got a lot of the furniture that I wasn't sure where it was going placed in there until I sorted it out). Two of the bookcases have been moved from that room to the front room and one of them has been reconfigured to fit all my DVD's and videos (I added an extra shelf).

Then I discovered that the washing machine was playing up.

I had one of my winter blankets in the washing machine and when I wandered down there to do some things I noticed the washing machine didn't seem to be doing anything. It was clicking along quite merrily, but the agitator wasn't moving. A quick phone call with Az gave me a few pointers on what to look for, and then I took the washing machine apart to have a look.

I couldn't actually remove the agitator (bolted in and I didn't have a long enough extension to reach the bolt) but I was able to look at a lot of other things and I couldn't see anything wrong. I thought that I was going to have to pay for a repair man, but I put it all back together and ran a test run and it seemed to work fine.

I'm not sure whether there was something wrong with it (possibly as a result of the move) and my pulling it apart and putting it back together fixed it, or it just didn't like the blanket (it's a queen size one) and was only not working for it. Not sure, but it seems to be working now.

I move other furniture around (one of the couches is now in my bedroom) and the living/dining room and my bedroom are starting to get there. After that it was more World of Warcraft.

Now the bad for the weekend. I weighed myself this morning, and I've put back on the two kilo's I had lost.

It's my own fault. When I'm down in Melbourne I try and get some chocolate from Haighs. It's one of my favourite chocolates, and I try and get enough to last me six months or so. The 200g packet I opened on getting back from Melbourne (choc orange buttons) lasted until Friday night, just over 6 weeks, so I think I have been doing very well with them.

I opened a new packet on Saturday (Cherry Chocs). Normally I leave them in the bottom of the pantry and only have one or two at a time. This time I made the stupid mistake of taking them into the computer room with me while playing World of Warcraft and ate the whole packet.

Oh well. My first slip up in the nine months I've been doing this, so I think I've been doing ok overall. I'll just have to remember to not do that again. :(

However people at work have been saying that the shirt I'm wearing today (bought January the 8th just before Tanya's 30th birthday party) is beginning to look to big for me, and I think they are right. So, it's not all bad, I just have to stay on target is all.

Oh well.

However some good news again. I looked at my bank account today and discovered that I have more money in there than I thought I did. A quick recalc of the bills shows that the amount in there is what should be in there, and I had miscalculated when I worked out how much I had to pay in bills (for some reason I keep thinking the rent is $100 more than it is, don't know why). So I'm not broke!

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