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Bloody Telstra

I am currently without internet at home.

I got a few phone calls Wednesday morning from the guy delivering the water tanks, so I know the phone was working then. The Green One rang me at home Wednesday night and didn't get an answer so rang me on my mobile. I assumed that I just didn't hear it ring so it didn't worry me at the time. Thursday morning no internet and no dial tone on the phone, plus if I rang the home number from the mobile it just rang out without the home phone even ringing.

I have had instances where the phone has just dropped out temporarily so I wasn't too concerned. However when I got home last night the phone was still out and the internet was still down so I rang Telstra's faults line.

The problem is because I didn't report it until Thursday night, the guarantee to get it working again isn't until close of business Monday. Hopefully it will all be working by end of today, otherwise I'm going to be without internet over the weekend and that's going to suck.

One problem with ADSL, if the phone line goes down, so does the ADSL connection. Oh well.

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