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I now have two cats at home.

Went over to travisjhall and Julie's place last night and got all the paperwork sorted (Julie does up a folder with the full history of the cats, National Pet Register forms, etc) and then (after watching an episode of Stargate SG1 and have a beautiful dinner with Travis, Julie, David and Kylie) I grabbed the two cats and went home.

Xavier had no problems, and we put him in the cat carrier without issue. Spitz on the other hand knew something was different and was not happy about it. We eventually got him into his cat carrier, but he was scared unfortunately.

Strangely enough Xavier was the problem on the drive home. The moment we put him in the car in the carrier he started meowing. If I reached back from the front seat and either gently tapped his carrier or put my hand at the front of the carrier where he could see it he calmed down and went quiet, but I couldn't do that when the car was moving so it only happened when I was pulled up at traffic lights.

Got them home and unloaded, and put them into my bedroom. Xavier got out of the carrier then moment I had it opened, but Spitz was still very scared so he didn't move.

Xavier then started orbital exploration. He would run off and explore something, but would never got more than a couple of meters from me and then would come running back again. If he got out of line of sight of me he would start meowing again until I said something, and then come running back again, just to make sure I was still there.

I did not get much sleep last night, with Xavier continuing to do the orbital thing, running off and then back again all night. Sometime during the night Spitz decided to leave the carrier to use the litter box, and then hid behind the TV for the rest of the night.

This morning I had to remember how to walk with cats again. Take a step, cat runs under you feet, carefully take another step, cat runs under you feet again, etc. It's been a while. Xavier would not leave me alone all morning while I was getting ready so I ended up having to lock him in my bedroom while I was having my shower (I did not want to have to deal with a wet cat!)

At the moment Spitz is still hiding in my bedroom, and both of them are locked in there. Once they are settled they'll have the full run of the house (except for the computer room) but I figure it's best to let them get used to one room while I'm away for the moment. The pair of them will calm down over the next little while, but until then I'll just have to be careful of them, especially Spitz.

Until then I think it best if I don't get any visitors. Once they are used to me and their new home we'll worry about visitors, but I think for this week at the very least it's probably best if people stay away.

And yes, I will have photo's of them later.
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