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Murphy strikes again...

I get paid weekly, usually on Friday night/Saturday morning (it's officially classed as Friday according to my bank statement, but I can't access the money until midnight Saturday morning, so close enough).

So, what I usually do is on Friday is look at my account and work out how much money I have left over from the previous pay. If there's "extra" money in there that isn't needed for anything in particular I tend to transfer it to whatever the current project is, whether it's saving for something, or paying off a particular debt.

Today I looked in my account and I had $135 in there, so I decided to transfer $100 of that onto one of my credit cards, in an attempt to get it paid off quicker. $35 left in the bank, just in case, plus $5 on me should be enough to last until tomorrow.

At about 20 to five this afternoon I get one of the admin people needing help with the payroll machine (oh no...). The software they use to connect to the bank isn't working properly. It would dial the number, the number would ring, the line would pick up, and then the modem would start negotiating the connection (you know, the long and drawn out squeals that the modem makes after it picks up but before it's actually connected) and not get any further.

We tried a different modem, tried a different phone line, tried shutting down the computer, etc. Tried all sorts of things. Wouldn't connect. And of course, this is the program that handles me getting paid. Bugger!

It looks like I won't be paid until Monday or so at the earliest. The big boss (Dianne) has asked me to send her my bank details and she'll see if she can transfer a small amount into my account from her personal account to cover me until then.

I hate Murphy.
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