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Not Happy!

Part way through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, then reality intervened and I had stuff to do.

The this happened!

I'm one of the moderators to the Mirror of Maybe mailing list and when I checked my mail I noticed mail about book 6.

Oh no! I immediately went to the mailing list control panel and put the entire list on moderated status to try and avoid people fucking up, and then did an admin post with the policy on book six discussion (simple answer: don't, it's not on topic for the list, so don't do it).

Much as I wanted to ignore the posts that had already been made I felt that I had to see what had already been said, to see how badly people had fucked up. I looked at the first message, and this inconsiderate fuckwit had given the whole thing away. I am pissed.

I hate reading books or watching movies the first time with knowing what "the thing" is. I have no problem going over them again afterwards knowing what's going on, but that first time I want it all to be a surprise. I ended up watching the movie The Sixth Sense the first time knowing what was going on, and I felt I was cheated.

Not a very happy Aj at the moment.

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