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What a weekend!

It was actually a good weekend for getting things done.

Friday night on the way home from work I stopped off at the storage unit and picked up another load, then home where I fed cats and myself and wasted a hell of a lot of time playing World of Warcraft.

Saturday morning after being woken up by a cat in the face, I fed Xavier (as a kitten he gets fed twice a day, unlike Spitz who's older and only needs to be fed once a day) and myself, paid the bills (yay for getting paid on time) and then unloaded the stuff from the car. Then there was another visit out to the storage unit to get the last load of stuff and to close the account. I think I did well overall with the storage unit. I was planning on having it for about three months (six weeks or so before I moved, and then six weeks or so afterwards) and I was only over that by three weeks.

I then went to Indooroopilly Shopping centre, and had some lunch (where I managed to spill my drink on myself), put a lot of stuff on lay-by at Kmart, bought Harry Potter and Angel Season 5 Part 1 (they were out of Part 2) and had a hair cut.

At Kmart I bought myself a PlayStation 2 and a GameCube, but not an XBox. None of the games for the XBox jumped out at me, so there was real reason to get one, other than geek pride. :) I got the GameCube Platinum, a GameCube 251 memory card and two games (Mario Paper Chase and Mario Sunshine), and the PS2 combo and five PS2 games (Final Fantasy X, Jak & Daxter, a different Crash Bandicoot game than the one that came in the combo, and the Intellivision and Atari PS2 compilations). Yes, I'm a geek! :)

Total cost of $731.77. My intention is to pay $70 to $75 a week and pick it up at the beginning of October.

There was a visit from gene_machine and draquin plus the munchkin and the cyclone, plus a later visit from Scott. The rest of Saturday was spent wasting time either with Harry Potter or World of Warcrack. I taped Dr Who again, as I'm a little bit behind in my watchings.

Sunday was unloading the car of the stuff from Saturday's last load, and then loading the boot of the car with all the clothes I own that don't fit me any more. Eventually I will get around to dumping it all into a charity collection bin. Then it was out to fill up the car, and then back to Indooroopilly again. I got myself a new phone (Sony Ericsson Z800i) and changed mobile phone providers from Telstra to Three. I also dropped into the EzyDVD.com.au store to pick Angel Season 5 Part 2 which they were also out of, but they let me order it for the same price as the current special of $22.80.

I also went over to Pillowtalk at Toowong, but they were closed by the time I got there. They have a special on at the moment of sheet sets worth $400 on sale for $99. I think I'll pick up some of that.

I then went home and mowed the lawn (thanks gene_machine for the lend, do I owe you anything?).

After that it was time for some serious geeking. I filled up the shelves in the computer room with my Star Wars and Star Trek Fact Files (which were in storage up until recently) and then pulled computers apart and rebuilt others.

I managed to get a lot of the things on my to do list done over the weekend, so all was good.
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