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The resurrection shuffle...

I'm currently in the process of going through the computer bits and pieces I have and working out how many working computers can be made out of them.

Currently it's looking like three: a Pentium MMX 233, a PII 133 and a Celeron 600. The green one is most likely getting the Celeron 600, and bodgirl gets her choice of the other two.

I also have a 486, but I'll most likely be keeping that to play old computer games on. :)

I also have a Celeron 900, but it doesn't seem to want to work. I plug everything in, press the power and nothing happens. I know the memory, hard drive and power supply are ok (I've run them on other machines) so it's most likely the motherboard or the CPU itself. Pity, I was hoping to be able to get both of the Celeron's to work and give one to each of them. I'll continue playing around and see if I can get it working.

All three machines will need CD-ROM drives (I've currently pulled one of the spares of mine out of the machine it was in so I can test these ones) but I'll probably get whoever is getting the machine to pay for new ones. A new basic CD-ROM drive is only $19 after all.

Once I get the two machines going to those two lovely ladies sorted, I'll then just have to work out what I'm doing with the one that bodgirl doesn't want, and then throw out all the bits that don't work. Currently that includes a power supply, two CD-ROM's and a hard disk.

Then it's putting my machines back together (my secondary machine is in the middle of an upgrade from a PIII 800 to a P41.5G) and cleaning up this mess. I want my dining room table back again! :)

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