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And what do I say to that?

Washing on the line this morning was still damp, so I couldn't wear my normal work pants to work. As a result I wear one of my new pairs of jeans, bought a month or so ago. I bought three new pairs of jeans at the same time, all of them 82cm waist (32 Inch).

I'm wearing one of my newer work shirts, plus a tie so I still look business like (not that I actually need to. Dress code is very casual around here.)

I'm in the office next door talking to Sarah (IT admin) about something and as I walk away she says I look good in these jeans. I thank her, and then she goes on and I have a really good looking bum in them!


At a bit of a loss for words there.

Later on I'm talking to Demi (receptionist) and she also says the same thing. I immediately blame Sarah of being evil, but Demi says that she came to the conclusion independently, and had actually said that to Sarah after Sarah had said it to me, but before Sarah had mentioned that she had said it.

I'm feeling very flattered, a bit speechless and somewhat embarrassed! Both Sarah and Demi know that I'm gay, so I have no choice but to accept that they are telling the truth!

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