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More Dr Who

I sat down and watched more Dr Who last night.

Other than the pilot I haven't watched any of the Dr Who episodes when they were actually being shown. I've been taping them and watching them later, usually two at a time.

Last night I watched episode 7 (The Long Game) and episode 8 (Father's Day).

I never really liked Adam (too smarmy for me) so I think he got what he deserved. *click*

As for Father's Day, wow! I enjoyed that one. Well played and it explains why the Dr doesn't try and deliberately go back and fix things.

One thing I will say about the new series is that it has certainly improved from the more modern camera shots they are using for the storytelling and mood setting, like the child's shoe and the leaves blowing in Father's Day.

Well done.

It's always been my intention to pick up Dr Who on DVD as they release it, and the new series is definitely being bought.

The next episode The Empty Child is on video at home, but since it's the first part of a two part I'll wait until I borrow the next part (The Doctor Dances) to watch it.

In related Dr Who news, it has been confirmed that Elisabeth Sladen has been confirmed to be returning to her original series role of Sarah Jane Smith for part of Series 2. Interesting! Plus Anthony Stewart Head, Adam Garcia and Penelope Wilton (Harriet Jones, Flydale North) are also going to be in Series 2, as will the Cybermen.
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