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Gaming Calendar

I sat down and worked out what conventions and games are coming up over the next year, and it's a scary list.

Unicon is September 30 to October 2. For that I'm running Pathway to Eternity, a 12 to 18 player freeform set in Ancient Egypt.

Next is Arcanacon, January 26 to 29 next year. For that I'm thinking of running The Hand of Duty a fairly large freeform (minimum 24 players) in a fantasy universe of my own devising, and maybe a Toon freeform involving Pirates (no Ninja's though).

After that is Conquest, Easter Long weekend (14 to 17 April) where I'll be running Friday Night Poker Club:
Arkham Asylum Edition
, and a rewritten version of Powerplay, the sequel to No Heir for the Throne of Amber. I'm also hoping to get A Babylon 5 Christmas done for it, and if not I'll probably run Phase One instead.

Then comes the only convention I don't have to travel for, The Big Weekend here in Brisbane over the Labour Day long weekend (29 April to 1 May). For that I'll probably be doing a Paranoia tabletop. Most of the ideas are worked out, though I'm still working on the name of the game.

Lastly there's Pheno in Canberra during the Queen's Birthday long weekend in June. For that I'll probably rerun 12/1 which I ran at this years Arcanacon, possibly another game I'm working on called I'm Sorry, But All I Can Provide is Death.

It's a good thing I love writing and running games, isn't it?
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