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Congratulations to me...

Today marks one year since I started this diet.

I haven't quite hit my target weight, but I'm not far off. I have lost 27kg (59.4 lbs).

I'm proud of myself.

I had a look at myself in the mirror while I was up at Mum & Dad's place on the weekend (they have a full length mirror in the bathroom) and the word that came to mind when I saw myself was actually "skinny". I'm still carrying extra weight around the waist, stomach and hips, but not really that much. The main problem now is that I have no muscle tone in the upper body, so when I look at myself not in a mirror, my stomach is still the biggest part of me, which is why I was still thinking I was fat.

So, this means that it's time for phase two! Exercise! However, exercise is easier having already lost so much weight, so there's not as much blah as that would have previously entailed. This weekend I should be joining the Fitness First at Indooroopilly, and starting the next phase.

Go me! :)
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