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More Missions Accomplished!

Well, I was right. All I did last night was play Word of Warcraft. Bit of a mixed bag of stuff trying to finish off some zones before moving on to new ones, so it was go here and do this, then go there and do that type of night.

Went to bed at a reasonable hour (before 1 am at any rate), and had the alarm set for 9. Woke up at 9 (shock horror!) and out of bed by 10 (even bigger shock and horror!). Pottered around the house again, putting on more laundry and such, and then sort out with Scott to see the 2:00pm session of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Before that I went to the gym again (twice in two days! Shock! Horror!). Spent "20" minutes on the low impact cardio thing (and 5 minutes cool down) and then about another 20 minutes on a stretching device. Really good way for me to stretch, do them correctly and not over do it. Then I made use of their showers (good facilities) before popping up to the cinemas to buy the tickets early.

For those of you in Australia: If you tend to use the Birch, Carroll & Coyle or Greater Union Cinemas I recommend joining the Cinebuzz Club. I'm a member, so I gave the ticket dude my card when I asked for the tickets (two normal tickets). Scott's ticket was charged full price ($13.40) while mine as a member was concession price ($10.80). The club is free to join, so if you ever think you're going to use any of their cinemas it's worth joining.

Then home again to hang out the washing and put on another load. Scott arrived about then, so it was back to the cinema. We ended up getting there about 1:30 and after dillying around and buying snacks (it was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there is no way I was going into that without chocolate!) we got in the line to wait for our theatre to be ready. I think we were the third pair of people there. I'm glad we got their early, as by the time they let us in the line behind us was fairly large.

I'm getting rather cheesed off this cinema advertising. A 2:00pm movie didn't start until 2:20 after all the adds. I like the previews, they're an essential part of the movie watching process in my mind (Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Wallace and Grommet, Dukes of Hazard and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but the rest of the ads are getting a bit much!

And then the movie. I had decided every cent I spent and all the hassle of the ads was worth it by the time the opening sequence was done (when the trucks pulled out of the factory, for those who have seen it). Brilliant movie, and superbly done. For those who didn't notice, every one of the Oompa Loompa's is played by the same guy, Deep Roy. I only noticed two deviations from the book and I'll put them behind a cut for those who haven't seen it.

Firstly, as a lot of people have stated, Willy Wonka's father was not in the book, and was specifically added for the film. In the books Willy didn't have the whole "parent" problem that was in the films. In the book Willy made his offer to Charlie, Charlie accepted, they pushed the entirety of the grandparents bed into the elevator and left, and that was that (except for the fact the elevator got lost, but that was the sequel Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator).

Secondly was that the character of Mike Teavee was modified for the film. In the book Mike was a TV addict and that was it. He was actually happy about being shrunk in the book. The character was modified in the film to the the kid who wasn't really a kid, the one who was all cold, hard facts and science and such.

Plus a number of things were cut out of the film (a number of the different sweets they looked up, two parents instead of one, etc).

Now, I'm not complaining mind you. The film was excellent. I will probably go and see it again while in the cinema and I will definetely be buying it.

For those interested, the lyrics for the Oompa Loompa songs were the original lyrics written by Roald Dahl, shortened a bit in some cases, but still Roald's words. They were entertaining!

After that was a bit of cat bothering until Scott left (Spitz was hiding since someone else was here, but Xavier was happy to be bothered), and then hanging out washing and doing a few other things around the house until dinner. Then after dinner I went off to fill up the car.

Fuel is getting expensive. However, luckily I have some 8c a litre savings vouchers for Shell/Coles Express. The problem is that most of the ones around here (since I'm near the city) are expensive, and you have to go further out for the lower prices. With prices as they are I thought this was worth it, so I drove out to the Coles Express out at Aspley to fill up (122.9 per litre for regular unleaded, instead of the 128.9 near home). Add an extra 10c a litre for the premium unleaded (I've explained why in a previous entry why I only use premium) and then subtract 8c a litre for the vouchers, so even with the expense of premium I was still paying less than I would have if I had filled up with normal near home.

It had just started sprinkling when I was filling up, and after filling and paying I drove the car over to the air hose to check the tyres. I was just about to get out of the car when the heavens opened and it started bucketing down! Oh well, I got the umbrella and did it anyway (one tyre exactly right, the other three down 1 psi only) then drove home.

Got home just in time to miss the first 30 seconds of Hellboy on Showtime which I sat down and watched the rest. Enjoyed it, and will probably be buying it as well. I made sure to watch this one this week after watching the Sunday night movie on Showtime last week, The Chronicles of Riddick, another movie I enjoyed and will be buying.

And that's it for my weekend. All that's left for me is emptying the litter tray and bed. Night all.
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