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Cat problems

I was intending to pop down to the local vet and have a look at the place, just so I could know what they were like, but I didn't want it to happen like this.

Woke up this morning, and Spitz was a bit groggy, a bit clumsy and uncoordinated. I at first put it down to he wasn't fully awake, but by the time I got to leave he hadn't changed. He was having trouble walking in a straight line and weaving a bit instead, having trouble jumping up and down from furniture, and his coat wasn't as glossy as I would expect and seemed to be covered with dandruff.

I rang Julie and talked to her, and she recommended to take him straight to the vet which I did.

I was reassured when I got to the vet as the first thing I see on walking in is a big ginger cat sitting on the front counter. Good sign in my books.

Vet had a look at him, and he was definitely not 100%. Actually seemed skinny (which he isn't usually), shedding a fair bit, and seemed to have lost a lot of strength in his back legs (hence the jumping and walking problems).

Vet couldn't see anything directly the problem, but thought of three possibilities:
1) Tick. Unlikely, since both him and Xavier are indoors only, but still possible. A tick may have been brought in on my clothing, or something like that.
2) Toxic reaction. He's either eaten something that he shouldn't have, or been bitten by something. Unlikely that it's something that he's eaten, as if it was it probably would have affected Xavier first, as he's the greedy guts who eats anything.
3) Spinal problem. Since it's just his back legs that are the problem, it's possible that it's a slipped disk or similar that is causing everything.

Spitz is still at the vets at the moment. They're going to do x-rays and blood tests, just to make sure, plus do another couple more tick checks on him, just in case. If the vet can't work out what's wrong they'll treat the symptoms and hope they can fix it.
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