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Dad update

Now, for those who don't know, Dad had a quintuple heart bypass a couple of months ago.

I got an email from Mum today updating me with Dad's news.

It seems that after they got back from Brisbane after Dad's checkup (See here) Dad went back to work, and then caught the flu from the young lad who works with him. Because of the state of Dad's immune system after the op, he was very sick for several weeks, even to the extent of him having to sleep upright in a lounge chair because he couldn't lay down.

Mum also caught the same bug, but she was able to wack it around with anti-biotics.

Dad was finally feeling beter this week just gone, so Mum and Dad have restarted their nightly walks.

Dad went bad to work, and then on Friday he had a dizzy spell and fell. Smashed his glasses, and has cuts under and over his eye, on the forehead, side of face and his nose. Thankfully no glass ended up in his eye.

Of course when this happened Mum had to be out on a job (Mum's the only computer person in the town!) so most of the guys Dad works with were driving around town trying to find Mum to let her know that he was in hospital.

Mum does own a mobile phone, but I bet it was at home, turned off. She usually only uses it while away from St George.

Oh dear.

Anyway, it looks like Mum and Dad are going to be driving up to Brisbane next weekend. Probably stay Saturday night in Toowoomba, come down to Brisbane Sunday and go to the Ekka. So it looks like I am going to the Ekka next week. It'll be good to see them again.

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