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Good News

I popped in to see Spitz at the vets on the way home, and I'm feeling a whole lot better.

The tremors have completely stopped, and he was looking a hell of a lot better. He was lounging in the back of the with what I think best described as an offended sulk, a look I know very well. A look which seems to me to indicate that he's not happy with his current address, but he'll put up with it because he has no choice.

I gave him a cuddle which he deigned to accept, and he closed his eyes while I scratched his cheek, an indication that I'm still trustworthy.

The bad news is that it's been an expensive stay. Current bill is $443, plus the next few days care, plus whatever medicine I need to take with me, plus I decided while he's in there I may as well get him microchipped, saving me the effort of taking him back in later for another $66.

Ugh! It's a good thing I have money saved for the holiday. Unfortunately if I don't get paid tonight as seems likely, that's not going to help much.
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