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Gaming props wanted

This is mainly targeted at local people, or those who are going to be at Unicon next weekend.

There are two props I want for the game.

Ones going to be easy to get: a feather. Nothing too big or fancy, just a small, preferably white, or some natural colour, fluffy feather. Worst comes to worst I have a (fluorescent pink) feather sitting on the monitor at work.

The other one is the problem. I want a set of scales. Not modern scales, but the old fashion style similar to the stereotypical scales of justice with the bar and the two "baskets" on chains like this. Can anyone help?

The scales aren't going to be used in the game. They are just going to be sitting there for visual effect. Anyone?

As far as the game is going, I'm running behind schedule. I haven't been able to do anything the last couple of days since I've been so worried over Spitz, however I should get everything finished this weekend. As it is I've already gotten two characters allocated. punk_rock_nerd and nikkicat13 being their usual over enthusiastic and highly efficient selves! :)

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