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Great News

Spitz is doing well, and I should be able to take him home this evening.

I dropped in to see him Saturday morning, and took his snuggle pet in with me. A snuggle pet is a stuff toy type thing that you can put a heat pack into, and he's had his ever since Julie first found him. I was hoping that having it would calm him down, since it smells like home.

I popped in again on Sunday morning, and he was looking fine. He no longer looked like he was sulking, and was a lot more his normal self. According to the vet nurse, he's spent most of him time lying with his head resting on the snuggle pet, so it seems to have worked. While I was patting him on Sunday he was doing his usual trick of forcing his head into my arm so I had no choice but to give him a really strong head rub, which is a good sign. Plus when the vet wandered over to have a look, Spitz was very alert the moment he heard his boots.

Xavier is really missing Spitz, that's for sure. As far as I'm aware, this is the first time he's ever been truly alone. For all the time at Travis and Julie's place, there has always been other cats, and at my place Spitz was always there, even if he was hiding. So he's been alone for the first time, and that's made him very affectionate when I have been home, which has been a bit of a problem since I spent most of the weekend locked in the computer room working on the game. Oh well. He should be feeling a lot better tonight.

Plan is to pick Spitz up on the way home (and pay the bill, ugh!) and put him back in the cage at first. Since Spitz has spent the last five days in another place, he's going to smell a bit different to Xavier, so putting him in the cage for a little while is probably a good idea. He shouldn't be in there for too long, perhaps just for tonight. We'll see.
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