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Home, Sweet Home

I'm sure people will be happy to hear that Spitz is home and well.

I picked him up after work last night (after he cost me $546.30) and took him home. For once I didn't get ambushed by Xavier on getting home, as he was more concerned with checking out Spitz first.

I put Spitz in the cage and fed him in there to give him a bit of space, as I then had to go out again to the gym (appointment with the personal trainer).

Once I got back from the gym I let him out of the cage, and he started wandering around, checking the place out again. Both cats slept on the bed last night, and Xavier has calmed down again.

Spitz is looking a bit odd, as he's got a fluro pink bandage on one of the front legs where the drip went in, and a shaved patch on his neck. He'll be fine in a little while though.

I feel much better.
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