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Busy, busy, busy

Why is it the more I have to do, the more I want to curl up in bed and ignore the universe?

So much to do before I leave Thursday morning. I've started packing already (shock, horror), plus I need to reorganise the back room so there's space to out the spare mattress down in there. Darryl (ashfallen) is staying at my place for the week to look after the cats, and a cat free room is required. Plus I also need to make some room in the computer room for Darryl to place his computer for the period.

Also want to clean the house a bit before I go (haven't had a chance to lately, I've been so busy) for my own piece of mind.

Need to drop Jeff into the Panel Beaters tomorrow morning so they can do the quote for repairs. I forgot to mention, but beginning of last month (on the 6th to be exact) someone hit my car and made a bit of a mess of the front end. Jeff's still drivable, but not looking all that healthy. Thankfully the other guy was insured, and his insurance company is taking care of the repairs, I just have to get around to getting Jeff into their preferred panel beaters for the quote.

Want to pop into the Vet's on the way home with a few questions. I'll be taking Spitz back to the Vet's after I get back (most likely Monday the 10th) for a check up and the microchip (they were out and none had arrived yesterday), but I just want to check on what's happening with the bandage on his front leg from where the drip was in. He was trying to groom it, and worrying at it last night. Also, when I took him in, I had a little scoop of food in the carrier with him, as the easiest method of getting him in there. When I got him back, I got the carrier, but no scoop. Since that's the one I use to measure out there feed, it's kind of useful.

Chiropractor appointment this evening, so I'll be leaving work in about 15 minutes.

I'm currently waiting on some parcels to arrive, one of which I need before I leave. Hopefully they arrive.

Plus I still need to sit down and give the character sheets a final proof read, and I need to work out what I'm submitting for Arcanacon next year.

And Mark S is arriving tomorrow afternoon to Brisbane, and I hope to catch up with him for a bit before I go Thursday morning.

Thankfully getting to the airport is already sorted. The ever delightful draquin has offered her transportation services. Love you!
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