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Watched Tomb Raider that I rented. Or at least I tried to watch it. The disk was so scratched that I gave up after less than ten minutes, probably more like five.

The scene would freeze (with the audio still going) and then a few seconds later (or maybe five to ten seconds later) the picture would continue from the point it was up to. I had a hard enough time understanding what was going on, and I've seen it before.

I don't hold Video Ezy to blame. They can't check every DVD. They're a business, trying to make money.

What I want to know is how the fuck did the people who've rented it previously get it into that state? The DVD is not brand new, but it's new enough to still be on the 3 day new releases, and not into the 7 day general releases.

I looked at the underside and it's scratched all to shit. I don't understand some people. When I rent or borrow something I treat it like my own. I have pride, and I'm not going to treat something like shit just because it belongs to someone else. In fact I'm more likely to treat it better because it's not mine.

I watched Final Fantasy (or at least, the first disk, the second disk has all the special features), and it was fine.

I'm going to return the Tomb Raider disk and complain.

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